March 21, 2024

The Abortion Lobby Says Joe Biden Has ‘Unease’ About Abortion – His Record Says Otherwise


The Wall Street Journal recently ran a piece titled “Joe Biden’s Unease on Abortion.” It notably highlights the plight of a young woman, born with Pompe disease, who is alive today and lives a full life. The young woman, Megan Crowley, asked Joe Biden to consider the “least of these” when it comes to abortion.  

But Joe Biden has long abandoned those considerations 

It’s harsh, but fair and true. Take a look at his record. It betrays any “moderation” that others see – especially the pro-abortion hardliners that want more abortion than Roe ever delivered. 

From the WSJ article: “These activists aren’t happy with Joe Biden. Notwithstanding his policies, Politico, the Washington Post and the Associated Press each ran stories noting what the Post called his “skittishness” on abortion—especially about using the word. At the State of the Union, for example, instead of reading “because Texas law banned abortion” as it appeared in his prepared text, he ad-libbed “because Texas law banned her ability to act.” 

“By not saying the word ‘abortion,’ it implies that it’s taboo or something to be ashamed of,” Kellie Copeland, executive director of Pro-Choice Ohio, told the AP. “It’s stigmatizing and harmful. The president should do better.” 

Joe Biden talks about his Catholic faith quite a bit regarding his discomfort with abortion. His actions speak louder than what he says, or rather, what he doesn’t say to the consternation of the rabid pro-abortion extremists. 

The truth is, President Biden is the most extreme pro-abortion president in a very long time. His record speaks for itself: 

    • The House Oversight and Accountability Committee   
    • The House Oversight and Reform Committee   
    • The House Energy and Commerce Committee   
    • The House Ways and Means Committee   
    • The Senate Judiciary Committee   
    • The Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee    
    • The Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee   
  • Congressional Democrats also opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, their policy allows even infanticide for those born during botched abortions.  

Inversely, the President, a supposedly moderate Catholic, has done nothing about the limitless abortion that exists inside America’s borders and lessening abortion access or frequency in America.  

Just recently, the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute released data showing that in 2023 there were more than 1 MILLION abortions, a 10% jump from 2020. As CNN reported in their own analysis of the Guttmacher data 

Although abortions all but stopped in the 14 states with total bans, nearly every other state had an increase in the number of abortions provided from 2020 to 2023. As the geography of abortion care shifted amid a fractured policy landscape, the 10% increase in abortions nationwide meant that states without total bans saw a 25% increase in those years.” 

(It should be noted that there is no national reporting law for abortions – so whether these numbers are accurate is impossible to know – but we will play along for the sake of argument.) 

As we noted in a previous blog on the issue: “safe, legal, and rare” gave way to “without restriction and without apology.”  And that’s Joe Biden’s real standard, even if he doesn’t say it out loud.  


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