July 19, 2023

Kirby for No Kids: White House Advisor Becomes Animated Over Abortion & Military’s “Foundational, Sacred Obligation” to Provide Them


Have you heard of John Kirby? He’s a spokesman for the National Security Council, and if you’ve ever listened to him answer questions, you might have dubbed him “Kirby the Mood Killer” because he’s generally rather milquetoast on serious matters. However, everyone does have a passion, and in a recent White House press briefing, he revealed his: killing servicemen’s children. Apparently, it takes abortion to get this man animated — watch the video below:  

Kirby launched into an impassioned defense of abortion (look at that personality peek through!) and says a number of questionable things. First and foremost, there’s his assertion that the military has a “foundational, sacred obligation” to make sure military members can get abortions.  

Clearly, Kirby needs a history lesson since he believes “abortion access” is foundational to providing for our armed forces. Someone in his office should remind him of two very important moments for our country — the late 1700s when our Declaration of Independence made it clear that “life” is an unalienable right and nearly 50 years ago when the Hyde Amendment eliminated federal taxpayer funding of abortion which would include the Department of Defense. Abortion is obviously not foundational for our military, and “sacred” is a whole other (incorrect) beast.  

Kirby also makes the case that our military should “take care of you and take care of your families” if you’re in our service, which couldn’t be truer. And yes, that’s kind of the entire reason the pro-life movement is fighting to ensure more military babies aren’t killed through abortion — hello, earth to Kirby! How does he not see the irony in this? 


2023 Gerber baby; the littlest member of a military family


Students for Life of America (SFLA) recently reported on this through a blog entitled “The 2023 Gerber Baby Is a Sweetheart — But the Abortion Lobby Wants Less Military Babies Like Her,” noting that the newly chosen winner, Maddie Mendoza, is one of the babies being targeted through Kirby’s policy. Mendoza’s parents lauded military children as being “special, strong, and resilient;” a tough and patriotic group who has a unique perspective as the offspring of a serviceman. However, Kirby and his pro-abortion camp would like to “take care” of these valuable lives through ending them — not protecting and preserving them.   

Essentially, as Townhall pointed out, his enthusiastic tirade was attempting to explain why abortion is needed for our military readiness. Contrast the purpose of our military, however, with the purpose of abortion, and you’ll see how ridiculous this “logic” is. Our armed forces are meant to defend and ensure peace — abortion is violence in the womb. Don’t these two things seem at odds with one another? And isn’t it sad that the White House and the abortion lobby wants to thank servicemen for their service in protecting our families by killing theirs 



Military families deserve so much better from the American people than abortion, and it’s insulting to everyone who has ever served our nation to say otherwise. Kirby needs to find a new hobby — we suggest promoting life-affirming resources and policies instead. Unlike the corruption of abortion, that’s truly authentic care.  

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