April 30, 2024

Legislation Alert: Arizona Faces Repeal Vote on State Supreme Court Upheld Law Upholding Pro-Life Protections from Conception


Since Arizona’s State Supreme Court overturned an Arizona appellate court panel ruling in December 2022 stating a 15-week restriction would remain in place, Arizona’s a busy battleground for abortion and pro-life lobbying efforts. Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has stayed consistently busy since the ruling, engaging lawmakers and voters on what’s at stake if the law is overturned. 

Despite those grassroots efforts, the Arizona House passed a repeal measure that has advanced to the State Senate, and is expected to go up for a vote Wednesday, May 1.  

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Here’s what you need to know about HB2677 and SB1734, which Students for Life Action (SFLAction) strongly opposes, as we head to the Arizona State Capitol to stand for life. 


What’s at Stake: 

Prior to the AZ Supreme Court decision, Arizona had a 15-week abortion law in effect. Post-ruling, abortion is restricted by law after conception with the only exception being for protecting the mother’s life.  

However, if this expected Senate vote on the repeal succeeds, the 15-week law would go into effect by default.  

Yet, even beyond the Senate vote, the future of abortion in Arizona won’t be decided with a signature at the Governor’s desk. Rather, a ballot initiative going to the November election, if successful, would establish “fundamental entitlement” for individuals to get an abortion at any point before 23 to 24 weeks gestation (around five and half months of pregnancy) – far exceeding the 15 weeks (about 3 and a half months) that Arizona previously held. 


What The Legislation Does: 

Simply put, if the Senate votes on the House-passed bill, HB2677, and it passes the Senate, the current Arizona law that protects both the life of the mother and preborn baby from the moment of conception, will be overturned. If the Senate takes up their own version, SB1734, and it were to pass, it would then have to be voted on by the House. 


What We Have Said About the Issue: 

Over the years, in defense of life, SFLAction supported multiple Life at Conception laws across the country, like HB 1519 in Florida, like Arkansas’ SB 6 of 2021, the Unborn Child Protection Act, Oklahoma’s SFLAction-inspired SB 612 and South Carolina’s H 3774, sponsored by Rep. John McCravy, on which North Carolina’s HB 533 is based, just to name a few. 

Stay tuned to SFLAction news for future updates, as we track the progress of this legislation.   


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