February 19, 2024

Legislation Alert: South Dakota Introduces Legislation to Improve Medical Outcomes for Pregnant Mothers, Strengthen Life at Conception Protections


South Dakota’s life at conception law is getting some extra strength and support from state lawmakers, according to a news article in BNN: “In a move to ensure the safety of pregnant women in medical emergencies, Representative Taylor Rehfeldt has introduced the Medical Education Bill, H.B.1224 in South Dakota. This legislation seeks to allocate $100,000 towards the development of a training video and supplementary materials.” 

Here’s what you need to know about Medical Education Bill, H.B.1224 that Students for Life Action (SFLAction) supports. 


What’s at Stake: 

The abortion industry has done its best to obfuscate the issue of protecting the life of the mother, creating confusion and uncertainty about what doctors can and can’t do in an emergency.  

However, protecting the life of the mother and baby during pregnancy is of paramount importance, and any competent medical professional should know what steps to take to save both of their lives at every stage of that pregnancy.   

Medical Education Bill, H.B.1224 would ensure materials are created with that goal in mind, showcasing both the most common conditions that put a mother’s life at risk. The standards of care for treating pregnant women in medical emergencies and affirm the practitioners’ discretion to exercise reasonable medical judgment in various situations” according to BNN. 


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What The Legislation Does: 

Medical Education Bill, H.B.1224  

  • “An Act to require the creation of an informational video and other materials describing the state’s abortion law and medical care for a pregnant woman experiencing life-threatening or health-threatening medical conditions.” 
  • In short, the materials developed will help educate doctors and hospitals across the state about the ‘life of the mother’ provision enshrined in South Dakota’s ‘life at conception’ law.  


What We Have Said About the Issue: 

SFLAction has been proud to support laws encouraging improved access to resources for doctors and medical professionals and has defended and advocated for Life at Conception protections for many years now. 


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SFLAction has also supported other advocacy efforts to strengthen pro-life protections in South Dakota, such as: 


Stay tuned to this blog for future updates as we track the progress of this legislation.  


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