July 7, 2023

Lobby Day Recap: Calling on Legislators to Vote Down Any Budget that Allows Funding for UPitt Barbaric Experiments

A chilling memory resurfaces from just a few years back- University of Pittsburgh (UPitt) researchers were found to be conducting unethical “experiments” with the remains of aborted babies. Committing barbaric research on remains of preborn children is a practice that Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) have vehemently opposed. 

With every budget vote, SFLAction works to ensure legislators are aware of the ghoulish research conducted at UPitt and calls on them to withhold federal funds for the university. Recently, SFLAction National Field Coordinator and Pennsylvania resident Jordan Moorman visited the State Capital to lobby officials.  

Moorman said during his time in Harrisburg he was able to meet with multiple House Members, including Representative Marla Brown (HD-09) and Members of the Freedom Caucus including Dawn Keefer (HD-92) and Joe D’Orsie (HD-47). “I passed out a letter to every single Republican Senator and Representative, urging them to withhold funding to the University of Pittsburgh for as long as they commit inhumane aborted fetal tissue research,” Moorman explained.  

SFLAction’s letter circulated to leaders read in part: 

“With passage of line items of the budget requiring a 2/3 vote, the only way this research continues is if the Republican Party and Republican legislators who claim to be pro-life are complicit in it, cutting deals to allow it to continue. 

“The young people engaged by Students for Life on campuses every day know the truth that science has made clear: Human life begins at conception. Over 2,362 babies are aborted every day in America. That’s over 862,000 children killed every year…or 100 in the last hour alone. Each of those abortions ended a unique human life, worthy of love and respect, and entitled to life and to be treated with dignity. 

“Reports regarding these experiments are shocking and gruesome; they have no place in a civilized society. We ask that you stand up for the women and preborn babies of Pennsylvania harmed by abortion by holding the line and declaring this is an atrocity you can stop, and it will not continue to happen on your watch.” 

SFLAction has also been collecting digital petition signatures to oppose UPitt funding while running a text message campaign. Since the gruesome experiments of UPitt were exposed, SFLAction has been on the frontline, calling out the abuse of taxpayer money to support such inhumanity.  

While final action on the budget remains to be seen, SFLAction commends pro-life legislators who have been making the case and calling for votes to stop all state funding to UPitt. SFLAction is closely monitoring the votes of 13 House Republicans who have been influenced by Planned Parenthood and have urged its grassroots base to make calls to their offices.  

While the fight wages on for now in Pennsylvania, SFLAction is staying engaged every step of the way to ensure that dignity for precious preborn babies is upheld while funds are blocked for these heinous experiments.  

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