February 8, 2024

Nacy Mace Keeps Losing Her Office Staff – But Can She Keep Her Job Too?

It may not be surprising to learn that noted Prayer Breakfast keynote speaker and letter “A” aficionado Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) has difficulty keeping a full office staff. She’s been incredibly crass and foul in the press. This was the news that broke recently from The Daily Beast:  

As of Monday, according to three sources familiar with the matter, Mace’s entire D.C. staff has turned over since Nov. 1, 2023. 

 That’s nine staffers in the span of a few short months—with all but one of those employees leaving on their own accord. 

 The lone exception to those eight staffers who left Mace’s office on their own accord is now-former chief of staff Dan Hanlon, who was fired on Dec. 1. Hanlon has subsequently filed to run against Mace in her South Carolina district. 

 As for the rest of her former staff, they all quit. That includes her deputy chief of staff Richard Chalkey, her legislative director Randal Meyer, communications director Will Hampson, a financial adviser, a staff assistant, two legislative assistants, and her military legislative assistant. And from what the departed staffers told The Daily Beast, there was good reason to leave. 

 Former Mace employees described a “toxic” work environment.” 


Students for Life Action has had our fair share of issues with Rep. Mace. She’s been the source of quite a few blogs illustrating her many major flaws (see below).  

The most toxic thing about her isn’t her workplace, as far as Students for Life Action (SFLAction) is concerned.  

It is her pernicious ability to carry water for the Democrats while pretending to be pro-life for donor dollars. For that, she’s earned the title of Biden’s Favorite Republican in spades, and her entire staff leaving showcases how tenuous her hold on her seat in South Carolina might actually be.  

If her staff can’t stand her, why would the voters in her state? Time will tell. But for now, enjoy the highlight reel of what are Rep. Mace’s worst moments: 


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Primary election season is coming – and that means we can remove some of President Biden’s Favorite Republicans and replace them with strong, fearless, pro-life champions who don’t just talk about fighting for life – they DO IT. 


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