October 3, 2023

Newsom Said His Senate Appointee Would Be Based On Skin Color…Looks Like He Chose Butler for Her Anti-Baby Bias

Guest post by SFLA Northeast Field Operations Coordinator Savannah Craven

GUEST POST: California Governor Gavin Newsom has decided to follow in President Biden’s footsteps, choosing to appoint a leader to Senate solely based on the color of her skin according to his office. I figured by 2023, we would stop looking at people’s skin tone and only judge them by the content of their character, but it looks like we have yet to get that memo.  

While appointee Laphonza Butler does match Newsom’s physical standards, she more notably also shares his fetish for killing innocent preborn babies. Butler is the president of the super pro-abortion group called Emily’s List, which exists to “recruit, train, and support Democratic pro-choice women running for office up and down the ballot.” 

But why would a black woman be the president of an organization that helps drive the number one cause of death to black people? 


Craven and SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins celebrating the reversal of Roe v. Wade


As a black woman myself, I have to wonder if Butler has ever done even a bit of research on the effect abortion has had on our community. After all, the top abortion vendor in our country, Planned Parenthood, was founded by the racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger.  

It’s well-documented that she looked at minorities as less than human, saying it herself: “The masses of Negroes… particularly in the south, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from the portion of the population least intelligent and fit.” 

That racism has continued as today in 2023, 88% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located within black and minority communities. Black women are also only about 13% of the population yet we are sold nearly 40% of abortions. (23.8 abortions per 1,000 women).  That means that more black babies are aborted than born.



I was raised by a single mother. I often think about how I could have very easily just been another statistic. Another black baby eliminated by abortion — but I am one of the lucky ones to have survived this evil haunting my community. 

I am deeply disappointed in Newsom’s pick. I don’t care what she looks like or the fact that she’s a woman. Any person who aims to contribute to the needless death of my fellow brothers and sisters is not someone we need in political power. We need representation that will promise to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and that includes preborn people.  

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