March 12, 2024

Party Crashing Joe Biden’s Abortion-palooza at the State of the Union


With U.S. President Joe Biden inviting Kate Cox as a “special guest” to the State of the Union, it is clear his administration’s agenda is to push abortion as a large part of the narrative. For background, Kate Cox was the plaintiff for the recent Texas case where she tried to obtain in abortion during her 20th week of pregnancy due to her child being diagnosed with Trisomy 18. The court ultimately did not grant Kate Cox her abortion as her life was not at risk, required By Texas law for an abortion in that state. The media tried to make Kate Cox a folk hero for abortion, insisting that a child’s diagnosis was reason enough to demand abortion. 

In response to this, Students for Life Action called on members of Congress to invite guests to the State of the Union who would be deemed “abortable” according to the premise of Kate Cox and the Biden Administration so we could tell a different story. As a result, Congressman Bob Good invited Ryan Bomberger, a person who was conceived in rape, as one of his guests to the State of the Union March 7th. Ryan Bomberger is the founder of the Radiance Foundation, whose story began when he was conceived in rape, but didn’t end there. 

Listen here for more on an episode of Explicitly Pro-Life. 

According to the Biden Administration, Kate Cox, and the abortion industry, Ryan Bomberger’s life had no value. Bringing people like Ryan Bomberger to the State of the Union is to show not only Kate Cox and President Biden that his life has infinite value, but the whole nation watching.  

Here is Ryan Bomberger’s statement after he arrived in Washington D.C.,“What is so tragic to me is there is going to be a lot of celebration tonight of the violent injustice of abortion. Why do I care? Every human being should care. I particularly care because I am the 1% that is sued 100% of the time to justify abortion. I remember once when an Alabama legislator said to me, ‘You are the residue of the rapist.’ I am not the residue of the rapist; I am the resilience of my birth mom. So tonight, I am representing those whether they were planned, unplanned, able, or disabled, every human life has a Gd-given purpose.”  

Not only did Students for Life Action inspire Rep. Bob Good to bring a pro-life leader to the State of the Union, but also Speaker Johnson. Speaker Johnson invited Janet Durig who is the Director of the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington D.C. Despite the Biden Administration, we are so grateful for leadership like Speaker Johnson making a statement to not only President Biden and Kate Coc, but the nation.  

People like Kate Cox and President Biden proclaim that some people don’t deserve to live. And so we tell a different story, one of hope and a future.  Ryan Bomberger was incredibly honored to be Congressman Good’s special guest at the State of the Union and was so grateful he could be the pro-life representative for the pro-life movement at the State of the Union.  showing America that he was and is a living example of how life is precious no matter one’s circumstance.  

Ryan participated in a media panel prior to the State of the Union, with parents who faced fetal diagnosis, pro-life medical professionals, and political leaders explaining how THEY chose life.  


Watch it here: We Chose Life Webcast: Countering the Pro-Abortion, Kate Cox Narrative