April 29, 2020

Pro-Life Student: Christians Must Be Pro-Life

SFL Action Captain Melanie Salazar (Texas), has a message for Christians: Christians must be pro-life!

Salazar points out the bizarre fact that the head of the National Abortion Federation, which supports legalized infanticide, is an Episcopal priest. She then explains why Christians must be pro-life–and if their church supports abortion, they should find a new church.


As LifeNews.comas reported, “An Episcopal priest who runs one of the largest pro-abortion groups in America slammed pro-lifers for protesting peacefully outside abortion facilities during the coronavirus crisis. The Very Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, an Episcopal priest and president of the National Abortion Federation, claimed pro-lifers are endangering lives by standing on the sidewalk outside abortion facilities, CNS News reports….Abortion facilities really are the ones putting people at risk by remaining open during the crisis. Not only are they still aborting unborn babies in elective abortions, they also are risking the health of their staff, volunteers and patients. And even though abortions are not essential, abortion facilities continue to use up personal protective equipment and other medical supplies that hospitals desperately need for legitimate life-saving medical care.”

In December, Students for Life covered the news of a Baptist church hosting a pro-abortion group. They wrote, “Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, a pro-abortion churchin Raleigh, North Carolina, recently hosted abortion activists to plot the best way to push back against a free, pro-life charity called Hand of Hope, that recently settled a lawsuit, and can now operate a free pregnancy resource center in Raleigh.”