February 12, 2021

Representing Life and the Pro-Life Generation in New Hampshire

On the morning of February 10th, I represented Students for Life Action, virtually, in the New Hampshire State Legislature. I testified on two bills: HB 434 and HB 596. Both bills wanted to restrict public funding on abortion, but HB 596 also wanted allocate funds for a foster care and adoption initiative in the State of New Hampshire.

The state of New Hampshire has never allocated public funds for abortion and should not start now. Governor Sununu has stated “I have always opposed taxpayer funding of abortions.” Many advocates from Planned Parenthood were present, urging the Judiciary Committee to ITL both bills. Their key talking point during the hearing was that these bills would impose a gag order on public universities being able to provide proper and accurate healthcare to their students. The reality of these bills was simple: to ensure that the conscience of the New Hampshire taxpayers would not have to live in a state where their hardworking funds would go to pay for abortions. In my testimony, I reminded the New Hampshire Judiciary Committee that in the state of New Hampshire, abortion access is unlimited, abortion facilities are not licensed under RSA 151, and as such, are not inspected by the Department of Health. The quality of abortion “care” in the state of New Hampshire is deregulated and unlicensed.

It’s not the responsibility of the state to cover abortion costs. If Planned Parenthood and their representatives are concerned about the funding for abortions, there is nothing to stop them from working privately with their patients to ensure quality and affordable care. Calling HB 434 and 596 a “gag order” is a clever ploy to cover up their abortion extremism. They want every taxpayer to pay for abortion whether they agree or not. I shared that there are many options for women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. There are Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers that outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities 16 to 1. These healthcare centers also outnumber the amount of services Planned Parenthood offers. Pregnancy Help Centers, which offer free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and material assistance, and maternity homes that are there to support and enrich the individual, not profit from them. Students for Life has an initiative called Standing With You to provide parents and pregnant and parenting students with information on resources available to them. Having funds allocated for foster care and adoption initiatives will build a culture of life in New Hampshire that serves the community. By recognizing the dignity of every human person. We save lives by investing in them, not ending them.

Providing non-violent life affirming healthcare is something every American can get behind, but let’s be clear: a successful abortion procedure stops a beating heart, and if we recognize that as healthcare, we are duping ourselves as a civil society. I hope that my testimony is ringing in the ears of every judicial servant in the New Hampshire state legislature. It would be a historic loss for the state if they voted against HB 434 and 596.

Guest post by Kate Maloney, the New England Regional Coordinator of Students for Life of America.