April 29, 2024

ROUND FOUR: Students for Life Action Returns to Arizona Capital to Rally Against Senate Vote That Would Allow More than 94% of Abortions


“Last week’s disappointing outcome in the Arizona House could be the Arizona Senate’s chance to show courage and hold the line for thousands of preborn babies,” SFLAction’s Chanel Prunier. “Protecting innocents is the mark of a society with a conscience and we call upon the Arizona Senate to demonstrate theirs and vote AGAINST this repeal.” 


MEDIA ADVISORY: REPORTERS ARE INVITED TO THE RALLY AT THE AZ STATE CAPITOL, Wednesday morning at 8 A.M. PST, where Students for Life Action will call for the Senate to VOTE AGAINST REPEAL  


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PHOENIX, AZ (04-29-2024) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) Vice President of Political Affairs Chanel Prunier announced that SFLAction staff and students will be at the Arizona capital on Wednesday, calling for Arizona Senate Republicans to hold the line against the pro-abortion Democrats efforts to remove the recently upheld pro-life laws that protect the life of mother and baby after conception.  

“Arizona’s Senate could make history in the worst possible fashion – if Republican leadership and members go along with this Democrat-led repeal, Arizona will become the first state led by Republicans to strip protections from already-protected preborn babies,” said Prunier. “This blueprint of irresponsibility and cowardice will be emulated across the nation by other opportunistic Republicans who gladly wear the pro-life cape for donor dollars but stab the movement in the back when it’s time to act.” 

The repeal vote passed the Arizona House last week thanks to three GOP legislators who joined forces with the pro-abortion Democrats, betraying the Pro-Life Generation and putting thousands of preborn babies at risk. If the Senate votes to repeal succeeds, another Arizona law that allows for more than nine in 10 abortions, only limiting abortion at almost four months (15 weeks of pregnancy), will take effect. 

Over the past month, SFLAction launched an advocacy program of more than 91,000 calls, almost 490,000 text messages, and outreach at churches to encourage key GOP legislators to hold the line protecting life.  

“The deaths of the preborn will be the only legacy of those House Republicans who carried the water of the abortion-until-birth Democrat Party, and Students for Life Action will be on the ground to make sure voters know who supported the pro-abortion Democrats – there WILL be accountability during primary season,” said Prunier. 

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Arizona is also facing a November ballot initiative campaign, which if successful would force abortion far past when babies can feel pain or live outside the womb. Nationwide, abortion is on the ballot in many states and SFLAction is supporting multiple Decline to Sign” campaigns against the signature collection efforts. These signature and ballot campaigns are often intentionally confusing and are a favored tool of pro-abortion groups as a Get-Out-The-Vote effort for a faltering Biden-Harris campaign.   


“The fight for life in Arizona, regardless of what happens today in the Senate, doesn’t end at Gov. Katie Hobbs’ desk, but at the ballot box in November,” said Prunier. “The extreme radicals in the Democrat Party are using abortion as little more than a get out the vote tactic, and a way to remove two state Supreme Court Justices – Justices Clint Bolick and Kathryn H. King - just because they read and affirmed the law as written, which is pretty much their entire job. We will defend those who defend life, and The Pro-Life Gen will be on the ground for them as well.” 


The Youth Vote, which now makes up more than one-third of the voting electorate, is expected to be the largest voting bloc in 2024’s general election and is also SFLA’s Secret Weapon.  

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