March 7, 2024

SFLACTION ASKS: Will President Biden Address Potential Environmental Harms from his Chemical Abortion Policy in the State of the Union?


STARTING THE FACT CHECK: Students for Life Action Debunks the President’s Agenda in Media Panel & in a New Op-Ed at FOX 

“In the State of the Union address, President Biden clearly wants to pat himself on the back for rejecting his Catholic faith to embrace abortion, the deliberate ending of innocent life in the womb. It’s apparently the one thing his administration can do, pick on the least of these,” said Students for Life Action’s Kristan Hawkins. “We know he won’t share stories of hope and a future when families choose life or of the incredible chaos of his Chemical Abortion Pill policies. His administration allows a pill pushing enterprise to dump medical waste – pollution – into our drinking water. That’s one of many reasons to oppose his agenda.” 

MEDIA NOTE: After outreach from Students for Life Action, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) has invited special guest Ryan Bomberger to the SOTU. Conceived in rape, Bomberger has an incredible story of the value of all life, no matter the origin story. 

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OUT TODAY: At FOX OpinionKristan Hawkins/Kristi Hamrick — Forget gas stoves. The big polluter is in Biden’s backyard


The Democratic Party’s bias in favor of abortion should not lead to tainted water. President Biden’s chemical abortion policies have created cemeteries in our sewers that requires a public health response.” 


WASHINGTON D.C. (03-07-2024) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) will be fact checking President Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address in real time, but we got started early. This week, SFLA hosted a special panel of people who represent all the reasons the abortion-loving left tout in pushing for more abortion. Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins, along with former Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Bob Good, Ryan Bomberger, Dr. Ingrid SkopBeverly Jacobson, founder of Verity’s Village, and neonatal nurse Kathryn Kerr told the other side of the story about dealing with and addressing fetal diagnosis, about navigating treatment, and about confronting prejudice against those conceived in rape.


“In announcing his plans to bring Kate Cox to the State of the Union, the President signaled that he intends to pretend that abortion is the only way to confront a fetal diagnosis of Trisomy 18. We shared the stories three courageous parents who chose life and of their love for their children,” said Hawkins. “To tell Cox’ story without every acknowledging any other options is a misuse of the bully pulpit of the presidency to advertise for Planned Parenthood.”

TO CHANGE THE NARRATIVE AT THE SOTU, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) has invited Ryan Bomberger as his special guest, to confront the constant rational that unlimited abortion is “needed” to address the crime of rape.

Rep. Good noted: “President Biden’s State of the Union guest Kate Cox is the first woman to sue for the right to kill her child since Roe v. Wade was overturned. By inviting her, the President is reaffirming his commitment to advancing federal legislation to legalize the abortion of babies up to the moment of birth. My guest is a staunch advocate for life because of his own powerful story. Ryan Bomberger was conceived out of rape, and his mother made the courageous decision to carry him to term and put him up for adoption. Ryan, his biological mother, and adopted parents are a testament to the simple proposition that life has value at every stage. Ryan’s presence at the State of the Union sends the message that pro-life members of Congress will continue to fight for the opportunity for every human being to live out their God-given purpose.”


FOX: Kristan Hawkins/Kristi Hamrick — Forget gas stoves. The big polluter is in Biden’s backyard

“Most Americans have been bombarded with messages about protecting our environment from our earliest days in school, from Woodsy the Owl to Smokey the Bear. The Biden administration and their Democratic counterparts across the nation are trying to implement an environmental mandate on steroids, from limiting gas stoves, eliminating gas-powered cars, to canceling pizza ovens in New York City.

“Yet one industry operates with a de facto government sanction to knowingly pollute – the chemical abortion pill conglomerate.

“Neither hospitals nor brick-and-mortar abortion vendors may legally flush medical waste into our wastewater. Failure to handle medical waste properly can be prosecuted. But by expanding abortion-by-mail into dorms, apartments and homes across America, Biden’s FDA allows that to occur as mothers having an abortion are encouraged to sit on their toilets and flush the “pregnancy tissue” i.e. chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue and their deceased child down the drain.

… “The Democratic Party’s bias in favor of abortion should not lead to tainted water. President Biden’s chemical abortion policies have created cemeteries in our sewers that requires a public health response. 

“At the very least, the EPA should track the “forever chemicals” in the medical waste of abortion to determine whether America’s waterways are safe for aquatic, animal and plant life and the people relying on them.”

To learn more about SFLA/SFLAction’s efforts to address the potential harms of Chemical Abortion Pills to the environment, as well as to women, read: The Dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills for Endangered Species Represents Another Risk, Argues Students for Life of America in Amicus Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court

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