September 13, 2022

SFLAction Statement on the 15-week Abortion Limit to be Introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham

“The 15-week protection measure is not our goal, but part of a journey that led through Mississippi to the Supreme Court to Washington D.C. today, and the Pro-Life Generation will not rest until even more lives can be saved from a tragic death even from the beginning of pregnancy,” said SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins. 

Today at RealClearPolitics, Hawkins predicts that Abortion will not be the winning issue that Biden and his allies hope for in an op-ed titled: Biden and Allies Betting Voters Like Abortion as Much as They Do 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (09-13-2022) – Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins made the following statement regarding the 15-week Abortion Limit to be introduced today by Sen. Lindsey Graham:

“Some changes require more of a society than others because the injustice and the harm have deep roots that have victimized disenfranchised people who have been helpless and unheard. Protecting preborn life in law and in service represents the human rights issue of our day, long delayed because of the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision, which took nearly 50 years to correct.

“With Roe gone, our legislators and citizens are now free consider ideas today that even a few years ago would not have gotten attention. It’s an exciting time of possibility and hope.

“Today’s Pro-Life Generation does not intend to wait that long to address the human rights issue of our day. While there are differing opinions on where to best start the process, the pro-life movement knows that we are not nearing the end of our fight for legal protections for preborn life and for the mothers caught in the middle. We stand at the foot of a mountain, with a climb ahead of us that is worth taking like other social movements before us.

“Anyone surprised that it will take some time to build a Culture of Life in our nation has not been paying attention to our own history. We did not have a Black President right after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. We did not have a female Speaker of the House immediately after the 19th Amendment assured women of the right to vote. We will not achieve full rights for innocent human beings in these very first days post-Roe.

“The 15-week protection measure is not our goal, but part of a journey that led through Mississippi to the Supreme Court to Washington D.C. today, and the Pro-Life Generation will not rest until even more lives can be saved from a tragic death even from the beginning of pregnancy. We see today as a step forward on our way to federal Heartbeat legislation, which will protect the preborn who show the universal sign of life – a heartbeat. On a battlefield or in an emergency room, we work to save those who have a heartbeat, and that is our goal in the coming legislative session on Capitol Hill. Educating Americans on the legislative possibilities and protections, on scientific human development, on support for families is our responsibility, calling, and privilege, and we look forward to working to save as many lives as possible at every level of government – from California to Maine.”

Writing at RealClearPolitics today, Hawkins notes that the true extremists on abortion policy support an agenda unpopular with the American people. She writes: “No matter who does abortion polling, it’s clear that the Democratic Party platform and their agenda of abortion through all nine months, for any reason at all and with taxpayer funding, is a loser with most Americans. Given all the recent stories claiming that Democrats are rising in the polls because of their support for abortion, a fact check is needed. The math contradicts today’s popular narrative because Americans don’t want the radical abortion agenda pushed by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. Case in point: A Harvard Harris poll in June of this year found that not only did voters have tremendous concerns about the economy, Biden’s overall performance and mental health, and runaway inflation, only 10% supported allowing abortion through all nine months, which mirrors other findings.”

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