April 25, 2023

Speaking Out on the Realities of Late-Term Abortion in Maine

Earlier this month, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) was a part of an 800-person effort to speak out against Maine’s proposal to allow cruel, late-term abortions from taking place. While abortion at any stage of pregnancy is violent for the preborn and harmful for women, Maine’s proposal to allow elective abortion well after the point of viability speaks to the mean and extreme nature of the abortion lobby.  

In Maine, the state already has few restrictions on abortion, legally allowing them as far as 24-weeks into pregnancy. In response, SFLAction and hundreds of pro-lifers arrived at Maine’s state capitol to advocate for the humanity of the preborn. 

The event included Maine Right to Life, the Diocese of Portland, and the Christian Civic League. Stephanie Luiz, Students for Life of America (SFLA) New England Regional Coordinator, said: 

“Women deserve better than what the abortion industry will offer them, and the pro-life movement can connect them with real financial, emotional, and material support.”  

After her remarks, Luiz joined State Representative Katrina Smith (HD-62) to speak to the audience on how to find your voice in the pro-life movement and engage young people while fighting for life – this is totally our niche, SFLAction and SFLA represent more than 1,300 college campuses in all 50 states!  

Taylor McGee, SFLA New York and New Jersey Regional Coordinator, also joined the event to facilitate SFLA’s This is Chemical Abortion tour. Both McGee and Luiz spoke with hundreds of pro-lifers to inform them about the risks of Chemical Abortion and how to respond to the abortion industry’s push for these pills to become even more accessible. 

(CLICK HERE to learn about the ways Chemical Abortion Pills impact the environment.) 

While the votes remain to be seen on the various abortion issues brought forth in Maine, SFLAction and SFLA will continue to spread important information on late-term abortion, Chemical Abortion Pills, and life-affirming resources to help women.  

Stay up to date to the SFLAction/SFLA blogs to learn more about state policy, and tune into President Kristan Hawkins’ podcast ‘Explicitly Pro-Life‘ to hear news as it happens! 

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