January 5, 2024

Student for Life Action Testifies in New Hampshire Against Limitless Abortion Promised by CACR 24


Students for Life Action (SFLAction) recently testified before the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee, speaking out against legislation that seeks to expand abortion in the Granite State. SFLAction student leader Ruby Furbish, a pre-nursing student at Gordon College, offered thoughtful and heartfelt testimony to challenge this dangerous bill and assert why the committee should reconsider their support for CACR 24, which states: “This constitutional amendment concurrent resolution would amend the constitution to provide that individuals shall have a right to personal reproductive autonomy.” 

Below is a transcript of her full testimony at the hearing (time stamp: 1:28:06):  

“Good afternoon, Chairman Carson and Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee… thank you for the opportunity to be here today. 

“My name is Ruby Furbish. I am a pre-nursing student at Gordon College and am here on behalf of Students for Life Action and our 501c3 sister organization, Students for Life of America. As the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization, we proudly stand with students and volunteers at more than 1,400 different middle and high school, college, university, medical and law school campuses to end abortion.  

“But what of the liberty and dignity of the preborn life? When a human heart starts beating that signifies life, just as clearly as when a human heart stops beating it signifies death. That heartbeat happens as early as 6 weeks.  

“New Hampshire would enshrine in its Constitution a right to let preborn lives be terminated as late as 6 months into a pregnancy, if this moves forward.   

“Abortion is the human rights issue of our day — and our nation’s mothers and children deserve more than just violence or fear. I am certainly not studying medicine to tell frightened women that their only recourse to thrive is to kill their preborn children. I don’t believe that freedom means the right to infringe upon another human being’s literal right to life. 

“And many young Americans don’t either – that’s what the pro-abortion industrial complex doesn’t want you to know. Last January, YouGov/Vinea Research interviewed 1,216 registered voters between the ages of 18-41. 

“That survey found that 65% of Gen Z and Gen Y voters, my generation, want limited or no abortion.  

“More young people NOW believe abortion should be illegal, at 23% in 2023 compared to 9% in 2022.  

“When they were asked if laws should limit abortion, 67% said yes. 

“Not only is New Hampshire on the wrong side of the issue, they’re going to wind up on the wrong side of history, and their voters. The youth vote is watching – and in 2024, the largest voting bloc is expected to be millennials and Gen Z voters. 

“Students for Life of America will rally this grassroots army of pro-life voters during primaries and the general election – calling on elected officials to protect LIFE in law and in service.  

“Thank you.” 


We will continue to work in New Hampshire to oppose the expansion of abortion access. Across the nation in other states, pro-abortion lobbyists and their corporate backers are attempting to force abortion onto state ballots through signature campaigns. In the past year, SFLAction has helped protect life successfully in many states across the nation, but the fight is far from over. While SFLAction continues to address pro-abortion ballot referendums, we encourage readers to read this blog below for important updates and ways to get involved.  


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