February 8, 2024

Students for Life Action and other Pro-Life Groups Call for Vote on FACE Act Repeal Act H.R. 5577


Students for Life Action (SFLAction), along with almost a dozen other pro-life organizations, think tanks, and groups have signed onto Advancing American Freedom’s coalition letter urging Speaker Johnson and Chairman Jordan to bring the FACE Act Repeal Act H.R. 5577 to the House floor for a vote.  

The FACE Act was put in place during the Clinton Administration in 1994, and he knew exactly what he was doing as a pro-abortion president. There are several cases where the FACE Act has been unjustly and, in our view, unconstitutionally used against those who seek to defend preborn life:  






  • 8 pro-life activists were sentenced by a jury that had 4 Planned Parenthood monthly donors on it. These non-violent activists were jailed before their sentencing even occurred.
    READ: The Nine Missing Marchers | National Review  





There’s little doubt that the FACE Act is being used as a tool to intimidate and persecute pro-life supporters because the Biden Administration knows that by silencing them and arresting them, they can slow or even stop the Pro-Life Generation’s efforts to save women and babies from the scourge of abortion.  


SFLAction calls on Congress to support the FACE Act Repeal Act. See our scoring alert we sent to Capitol Hill in November on the bill HERE.