May 24, 2023

Students for Life Action Applauds South Carolina Senate for Passing Early Protections for the Preborn, Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Bill Moves to Governor’s Desk

SFLAction Celebrates Third Pro-Life Victory in the Southern States this Month

“Protecting the preborn when a heartbeat is detected is a popular policy position supported by countless Americans. South Carolina is joining the cohort of southern states that want to see LIFE protected in law and service, clearing their previous reputation of abortion tourism in the South,” said Kristan Hawkins, SFLAction President. “We’re so grateful for our Students for Life activists who have fought with us and were bold enough to tell legislators to have a backbone when they needed it. Today, we’re successful because of the unwavering grit of the Pro-Life Generation and look forward to seeing this bill become law, declaring that, at the very minimum, babies should be treated – not harmed – just as any person with a beating heart.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (05-23-2023) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) applied pressure in South Carolina’s legislature when the Life at Conception Act was negligently voted down by anti-life Republicans. However, SFLAction continued to engage in South Carolina’s special session and is pleased to see the Heartbeat Abortion Prevention bill passed by the Senate and make way to the Governor’s desk.

SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins noted that the grassroots organization will continue to engage in the Palmetto State, especially in the legislative primaries to expose “pro-life” Republicans that turned their back on the preborn when they needed them. Recently, SFLAction volunteers handed out educational materials earlier in May at four churches in State Senators Luke Rankin and Greg Hembree’s districts informing their constituents about the 5,000 babies South Carolina could be saving each year if it weren’t for the anti-life actions of Sens. Rankin and Hembree voting against the Life at Conception Act. 

Today, however, SFLAction is celebrating another victory for LIFE this month as Politico now reports, “every state south of Virginia and east of New Mexico has now implemented or passed new abortion limits post-Roe.”

“Life is winning in a post-Roe America,” added Hawkins. While SFLAction remains determined to pass a Life at Conception Act which could have saved nearly all preborn babies in South Carolina from abortion, this commonsense law to protect a baby with a beating heart, which is detected around 6-weeks, is a necessary protection supported by the majority of Americans. Students for Life’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement‘s recent YouGov poll found that Gen Z and Gen Y registered voters, the group of voters considered MOST pro-abortion, want limits on abortion and supports heartbeat abortion prevention legislation.

SFLAction will continue to educate residents of the Palmetto State on the realities of abortion and as primaries occur votes will not be forgotten by Members beholden to the predatory abortion industry. The Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act will go on to save innocent preborn children from the violence of abortion and change the culture of life in the south.

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