March 1, 2023

Students for Life Action Bill to End Chemical Abortion in Wyoming Passes State House After Rigorous Debate, Making It on Track to Be One of the First Major Pieces of Pro-Life Legislation Passed This Year

“Preborn children in Wyoming needed their Representatives to step up to bat for them, and that’s exactly what we saw play out through a grueling amendment process thanks to principled leaders who boldly defended the preborn,” said Dustin Curtis, SFLAction Vice President of Political Affairs & Operations. “Recognizing the inherent evil Chemical Abortion Pills impose on women and the preborn, Wyoming took a massive step in the right direction to eradicate these drugs and we’re eager for the Governor to sign this bill into law.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (03-01-2023) – With more than 1,400 doors knocked in the past two weeks, along with thousands of voter contact phone calls and texts deployed by Students for Life Action (SFLAction), Wyoming residents and principled leaders successfully saw the passage of SFLAction’s bill to end Chemical Abortion through the State House today after a two-year long battle.

State Senator Tim Salazar’s SF 109, “prohibiting Chemical Abortions,” legislation has been a long-awaited effort that finally cleared the State House, something that had never previously occurred. “We’re hopeful this bill makes it to the Governor’s desk to sign into law in the coming days,” added Curtis.

SFLAction applauded efforts by members of the House who restored the bill to its original intent of deterring physicians from prescribing deadly Chemical Abortion Pills with a heavy $9,000 fine or up to six months of jail time for violating the law. This legislation takes needed action against the drugs associated with four times more complications than surgical abortion yet make up more than half of abortions.

Addressing the risk of injury, infertility, death, and misuse by abusers, SFLAction staff worked alongside key pro-life champions to garner the votes needed to pass SF 109. Dr. Mary Curtis, SFLAction staff member and licensed pharmacist, said, “It is imperative to understand the gravity of both physical and psychological effects of Chemical Abortion Pills for women. She has been told that this is safe “self-managed care,” that she should NOT look in the toilet as her baby is expelled. Launching a woman into a lifetime of more trauma and regret is not healthcare.”

SFLAction engaged in more than 20 state primary races in 2022 in Wyoming to ensure pro-life champions took office this session. Now, the organization is celebrating the passage of SF 109 thanks largely to its grassroots advocacy that included door knocking, making phone calls, testifying, lobbying, and more.

“The intent of SF 109 is to protect the unborn from chemicals that seek to destroy human life,” Senator Salazar previously told SFLAction. “By passing this legislation, Wyoming will make a clear statement that we wish to protect the unborn and women from these dangerous drugs that are used in the taking of an unborn child’s life through abortion.”

SFLAction is working on advancing other pieces of legislation to combat Chemical Abortion Pills throughout the nation and the organization eagerly awaits the Governor’s signature on this victory in Wyoming.

Learn more about Chemical Abortion pills and watch the This Is Chemical Abortion docuseries, created in partnership with Charlotte Pence Bond, HERE

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