September 25, 2020

Students for Life Action Launches Montana Canvassing Effort As Part of Nationwide Activism Weekend

“The Pro-Life Generation is the boots on the ground this cycle,” said Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins. “Our primary goal is to urge Americans to Vote Pro-Life First in November.”

FREDERICKSBURG, VA AND BILLINGS, MT (9-24-2020) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) announced on Thursday that they would be sending students into Montana, among other states, to educate voters on the pro-life records of federal, state, and local candidates for office. The activism weekend will occur from Thursday, Sept. 24 to Sunday, Sept. 27 and will include other states Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Minnesota. With a Supreme Court vacancy in play, the importance of strong pro-life leaders in the White House, Senate, and House has never been clearer. SFLAction is placing the protection of pro-life legislative majorities and the urgent need to maintain both a pro-life White House and majority in the Senate at highest priority in the coming weekend.


The Montana State Legislature currently holds a pro-life majority, which must be defended this cycle. “Maintaining the pro-life majority in the Montana State Legislature, coupled with the nomination of a Justice who will defend life in law to the U.S. Supreme Court, puts Students for Life’s vision of abolishing abortion within reach for the first time since the Roe decision was handed down by seven men in 1973,” remarked Kristan Hawkins, SFLAction President.


SFLAction conducted similar student trips over the summer, knocking more than 50,000 doors and making more than 200,000 phone calls to educate voters in Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kansas. As a result, numerous pro-choice Republicans were defeated in primary races, including incumbent Arizona State Senator Heather Carter, who was unseated by challenger Nancy Barto.


“What we’re doing this cycle is working. Period,” said Hawkins. “We spend every school year building relationships with students. Now, we’re mobilizing them, and our efforts are having an impact in critical races across the nation.”


In Montana, SFLAction canvassing efforts will aim to make voters aware of the pro-life records of Congressman Greg Gianforte, who is running for governor, and Senator Steve Daines, who is opposed by incumbent pro-abortion Governor Steve Bullock.


“It is absolutely critical that we maintain a pro-life stronghold in Montana,” said Mary Kate Knorr, SFLAction Strategic Partnerships Director. “Students from across the region are concerned with outcomes in Montana, which is why we’ve been able to mobilize so many to travel there to canvas.”


Hawkins recently penned an article in USA TODAY on the urgent need to consider Kamala Harris’ pro-abortion, anti-religion policies, which you can read here.


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