May 19, 2021

Students for Life Attends “Heartbeat Bill” Signing in Texas

Victory in Texas! SFLAction leaders were invited to attend the bill signing of SB 8, the Texas Heartbeat Bill, which protects the preborn when their heartbeat can be detected by ultrasound (about 18-21 days after fertilization)These bills, though not perfect because preborn human beings deserve protection from conception, are a positive step towards the recognition of their humanity and personhood.  

In a life-or-death situation, the one thing that true medical professionals look for is a heartbeat. That is true on the battlefield or in the ER … and yet, despite such a strong sign of life, abortion supporters don’t give the preborn the same treatment. A recent poll found that 49% of people want to prohibit abortion after the baby’s heart starts beating. People rightly associate a heartbeat with “being alive.”  This is an easy steppingstone to help people recognize the value of all human life starting at conception. 

Kudos to Texas for taking this big step towards becoming a totally pro-life state! SFLA’s Texas and Southern Regional Manager, Sarah Zarr, attended the signing with our Texas State Captain, Rachel Schroder. Zarr recounted the event and called on Governor Abbott and the legislature to continue with the next important steps for a totally pro-life Texas:  

“Today, Governor Abbott brought Texas one step closer to the total abolition of abortion in our state. Preborn babies with a heartbeat are now protected from the predatory abortion industry. We urge the Texas legislature and Governor Abbott to shepherd the remaining pro-life protections of this session to completion so that as many children and families as possible are guaranteed protection and dignity.”  


Zarr and Students for Life groups in Texas have been extremely active at the capitol this legislative session, testifying often on pro-life legislation as well as knocking doors to support the Sanctuary City Ordinance in Lubbock. In fact, Students for Life Action has generated nearly 60,000 personal emails to legislators in support of pro-life legislation in Texas this year. 

To make Texas a completely abortionfree state, SFLAction calls upon the Texas House to also pass SB1647, the Texas Abolition Strategy. The preborn deserve total and complete protection starting at conception. Texas residents should contact the House Calendars Committee to ensure they schedule SB1647 now and take the final step for abortion abolition! Join our efforts in Texas here.   

Blog written by Sarah Michalak, the Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator.