December 7, 2023

Students for Life of Action President Kristan Hawkins Pens Fiery Washington Times Op-Ed Towards the GOP: “Making peace with a little abortion is a losing proposition.” 


“Rather than asking the pro-life movement just how much abortion we will accept, our political leaders and allies and their consultants must address how far they are willing to go to protect life in law and in service,” says Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins in recent Washington Times op-ed.


WASHINGTON D.C. (12-07-2023) Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins recently wrote an op-ed in The Washington Times, calling out the media and consulting class for “hustling the Republican Party in a game of three-card monte.”

“Like a gambling addict down to his last dollar, the Republican Party lately makes a risky bet — that undercutting the principled position on human life will appeal to moderates who favor abortion access or independents who will never turn out in numbers to vote for the GOP on this issue,” wrote Hawkins. “The party loses voter enthusiasm, loses the moral high ground, and loses credibility.”

The consequences of this stance were put on display this week when Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama was effectively forced to abandon his defense of the preborn. For months now, Tuberville has courageously stalled military promotions because of the Pentagons’ desire to illegally use defense budget dollars to fund abortion travel. Tuberville’s own party came out against him throughout the process, something a separate op-ed in The Federalist rightly points out.

Also at issue in Hawkins’ op-ed was the financial support being garnered in defense of preborn life – an issue that Democrats are going all in on in 2024.

“The ambivalence of the consulting class on the human rights issue of our day is hurting the GOP as seen clearly in lackluster effort and anemic spending,” said Hawkins. “Supporters of abortion on demand team up with the Democratic Party to massively outspend pro-life advocates.”

Since the defeats in Ohio and Virginia in November 2023, SFLAction has moved aggressively to defend pro-life champions like Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, who has taken a principled stand against the Biden Administration – and even members of his own party – to ensure abortion funding isn’t added to the national defense budget.

Additionally, SFLAction has gone after Republicans who shown themselves to be weak and unreliable on life, going so far as to place opposition ads and digital campaigns inside the districts of some of Joe Biden’s Favorite Republicans.


“We must demand that Republicans actually join the pro-life movement, not just pay us lip service by saying they are “pro-life” or propose false “compromises” like a 15-Week Abortion Prevention Act, which would allow more than 9 out of 10 abortions to continue and set our movement up for disaster in the long-term as it positions our policy on abortion to the left of France,” said Hawkins in a November 2023 letter. “We must demand that Republicans get Democrats to admit publicly what we know yet they hide because the vast majority opposes…that they support abortion up until the moment of birth, for any reason.”


READ THE FULL OP-ED HERE: Republicans needs to be unapologetically pro-life 

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