January 31, 2023

SFLA/SFLAction Prepares to Confront California’s Reckless Risk of Life on College & University Campuses


“Just like President Joe Biden, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is willing to do anything to push Chemical Abortion Pills, placing women at risk of injury, infertility, death, and abusers forcing the drugs on women without their knowledge or consent,” said SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins. “How do we convince students that they can have hope and a future when they are told by those in political leadership that they can’t handle career and family?” 

SFLA/SFLAction Prepares to Confront Newsom’s grotesque dorm-room abortion businesses based on publicly funded college & university campuses through activism, legal assistance, and education. 

WASHINGTON D.C. (01-31-2023) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins called the January launch of California’s long-term plans for abortion deaths on campuses “a reckless act endangering young mothers along with the preborn, which will destroy once great schools, turning them into taxpayer funded abortion vendors. Students for Life of America (SFLA) and SFLAction will engage in a multi-tiered response to prevent Gavin Newsom from ending life on college campuses across the state.” With almost 100 groups already active in California, Students for Life has been engaged at both the state and federal level to keep abortion out of schools and is now working at the federal level on the Protecting Life on College Campuses Act, introduced because of plans to push California’s mistake to schools nationwide.



Click here to learn more on this innovative federal effort. 

Learn more about the dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills at THIS IS CHEMICAL ABORTION

Twice SFLA successfully fought efforts to turn publicly funded California college and university campus healthcare clinics into abortion vendors by requiring deadly pills to be distributed on campus, but in 2019, on the third pass, Newsom’s pledge to ensure that more preborn lives are lost on campus was completed. Because of COVID delays, the plans to end life on campuses across the state was pushed to this month, as Politico reports. The law “requires all nine UC schools and 23 CSU campuses to offer medication abortions at their student health centers.” 

In preparation for this misuse of school healthcare centers, Students for Life of America & Students for Life Action is partnering with a number of organizations on innovative opposition. SFLA responses include:  

  • A statewide-educational push informing women that the drugs Newsom champions expose women to injury, infertility, death, and abusers. SFLA will encourage women to get a free ultrasound at partnering Pregnancy Care Centers as women have died when taking the pills if they had an ectopic pregnancy – one that has implanted outside the womb. Online digital ads are a key component of this effort.




  • An Emergency Response Toolkit to allow students among the almost 100 SLFA groups in California to engage with their peers. This is in addition to a campus tour planned on the dangers and horrors of Chemical Abortion Pills.


  • A campaign letting women know their life-affirming options as mothers and students, through our Standing with You initiative. Also available is information on how to reverse the impacts of abortion pills if they change their minds and about help available for them, found at SFLA’s


  • A connection to attorneys in California for injured women as well as healthcare workers whose conscience rights may be violated by the required distribution. As was reported on Fox News when the bill passed, SFLA will be a connection between women who may be harmed by Chemical Abortion Pills as well as healthcare professionals who know that deliberately killing your patients is not healthcare.

Students for Life of America’s YouGov poll out this month found that overwhelmingly – by margins of more than 9 in 10 in almost every category – Gen Z & Gen Y registered voters did not support the reckless distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills, especially without tests designed to save mother’s lives and protect their fertility.



In the poll, we found: 

  • Support for an Ultrasound Screening to Protect Women facing ectopic or late-term pregnancies: 91%agree this is somewhat to extremely important, with 40% choosing extremely important. (Chemical Abortion Pills don’t work well later in pregnancy or end an ectopic pregnancy, once established outside the womb. An ultrasound is used to determine location and length of pregnancy to save women’s lives, something Biden’s FDA no longer requires.) 
  • Support for Blood Test Screening to preserve a woman’s fertility: 93% agree this is somewhat to extremely important, with 41% choosing extremely important. (In the U.S., 15% of the population has Rh-negative blood. In an exchange of blood during birth, abortion, or miscarriage with a preborn baby, antibodies can form in a woman’s body that unless quickly neutralized can essentially sterilize her, as future pregnancies are attacked. The treatment is a shot called Rhogam that Biden’s FDA does not require to be administered, nor do they even require a blood test, giving women information they need to seek help.) 
  • Support for requiring In-Person Care to prevent abusers from getting the drugs to use against women without their knowledge or consent: 60% supported with 40% opposing. (Chemical Abortion Pills are abusers’ dream drugs, giving them the power to end a mother’s pregnancy without her knowledge or consent. In-person dispensing ensures that women are not being coerced and that they have information on things like blood type.)  
  • Support for an Environmental Assessment of the Nation’s Water Safety 92% agreed that this is somewhat to extremely important, with 30% choosing extremely important. Fewer than 1 in 10 wanted to ignore the potential dangers. (When the Clinton Administration pushed Chemical Abortion Pills on the Market in 2000, the FDA accepted a 1996 Environmental Impact report from the abortion advocates at the Population Council, rather than doing their own, or reevaluating as now more than 52% of abortions are committed with Chemical Abortion Pills, sending remains into the wastewater.)  
  • Support for requiring Red Bag Medical Waste procedures for proper disposal of tainted remains: 90% agreed this is somewhat to extremely important, with 30% choosing extremely important(To learn more, read SFLA’s Citizen Petition currently with the FDA and What’s in the Water? Campaign.)  



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