July 24, 2023

Take Her at Her Word: America’s Vice President Really Does Want Reduced Population

She might laugh like a hyena as she fumbles through interviews on the daily, but Vice President Kamala Harris is not joking when she says we should have a smaller population. 

If you’re wondering why the second in command of our country wants fewer people around, her recent speech in Baltimore claimed less people would lead to “improved air and water quality” as reported by multiple outlets. And there’s nothing funny about that.  

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) have a better plan to improve our water quality, and it starts with eliminating Chemical Abortions because people aren’t the problem – the way we contaminate our water can be. 

As Chemical Abortion Pills are on the rise and more abortions are tragically being committed at home, blood and chemically tainted human tissue is being flushed down into our public waterways more than perhaps ever before. While SFLAction and SFLA have been filing citizens petitions and creating public awareness campaigns about this problem, the Biden Administration has yet to take our concerns seriously. 

(CLICK HERE to learn about SFLA’s Campaign.) 

If Harris were truly interested in improving our water quality, she would oppose abortion as a travesty for not only human rights but also one that any environmentally concerned person can stand behind.  

While VP Harris’ remarks point to a future for children in a ‘greener’ world, given her current policies, there won’t be many children enjoying such a future. In her speech, she said, “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.” 

SFLA has already debunked this myth, however, that our world is overpopulated and if we had less people, we would be better off. As reported on the SFLA blog: 

“…we should never assume that civilization is in a place to sustain itself for the foreseeable future, especially considering the alarming decline in birth rates. 

The United States is currently below replacement value, meaning that women are individually giving birth to less than 2.1 children, and there are simply not enough people in the next generation to make up for those who die in the previous generation. This should scare us as a society.”

And while The White House claims VP Harris’ remarks were yet another gaffe and she meant to say less “pollution” rather than “population,” we’re calling their bluff. The Biden-Harris Administration has never been shy about their position on abortion; which is that they want a lot more of it. 

What does a lot more of abortion mean though for the American population? 

According to the PEW Research Center, there are over 930,000 abortions that take place each year. While the Vice President recently gushed over her love of yellow school buses and spoke at length about how much she adored them, consider this: If abortions keep taking place at the rate that the Biden-Harris Administration wants, almost 13,000 school buses would be empty. 

When crafting policy on the environment or school needs such as transportation, Kamala is missing the big picture: you need people to fulfill their roles in society.  

Without valuable, human life, you have empty school buses, childless cities, and a diminishing human society to ensure better years ahead for our planet. The most ecologically wise thing the Vice President can do is shift her views to being pro-life and reject her anti-baby bias.  

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