April 24, 2024

TAKE THREE: Students for Life Action Heads to Arizona Capital Calling for Protection for the Preborn because “Just like with our Constitution, it’s not the age of the law, it’s the heart that matters”

“Protecting innocents is the mark of society with a conscience. We’re back to Phoenix for the third time, calling on legislators to vote for the human rights of human beings,” said SFLAction’s Kristan Hawkins.

MEDIA ADVISORY:  REPORTERS ARE INVITED TO PRO-LIFE RALLY WEDNESDAY as Students for Life Action Launches Mobilization Campaign in the districts of Key Legislators Ahead of Debate over Pro-Life Laws.

Event expected to begin after 8 a.m. local time at the Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ.

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PHOENIX, AZ (04-24-2024) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins said that student leaders and staff are again in the Arizona capital today as legislators in the state house consider an effort by abortion supporters to derail a law the protects life early pregnancy … pretending that their reason is because it’s old. “Just like with our Constitution, it’s not the age of the law, it’s the heart that matters – the hearts of those legislators asked to be courageous for the preborn that need protection,” said Hawkins. The vote stems from the efforts of radical abortion supporters to fast track the end of Arizona’s law that was in place before Roe v. Wade acted as legal sledgehammer, striking down all pro-life laws in the nation. When that legal tragedy came to end, Arizona’s law was able to get back to work …over the objections of those who want unlimited abortion. (Currently Arizona is also in the middle of a ballot initiative attack that is attempting to force abortion far past when a child can feel pain and even past the point when babies can live outside the womb.)

Hawkins continued: “We don’t know what the legislature will do today. What we do know, is they cannot weaken or remove protections for preborn babies unless Republican leadership and members go along with it. If they do, they will become the first state led by Republicans to strip protections from already protected preborn babies. And while they will claim their situation is unique, their actions will be copied by opportunistic Republicans in other states who care more about power and getting re-elected than the preborn. The deaths of all those preborn babies across the nation will be their legacy. We at Students for Life Action will make sure we educate voters about what they do in Arizona and hold them accountable for breaking the pro-life pledges they made when seeking election.”

Over recent weeks, in response to reports that a handful of GOP legislators were colluding with Democrats to attempt to reverse pro-life limits on abortion, Students for Life Action launched an advocacy program of calls, text messages, and outreach at churches and at doors, asking pro-life voters to encourage those handful of key legislators who are wavering to hold the line, protecting life in law. So far, the campaign has generated almost 490,000 texts and more than 91,000 calls as well into the districts of key legislators.

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“The hubris of Arizona’s abortion radicals can be seen in their attacks not only against a law that is now protecting the preborn, but in calls to go after two state Supreme Court Justices for their ability to read. Justices Clint Bolick and Kathryn H. King are up for a judicial retention vote and face a ‘progressive’ challenge because they read and affirmed the law as written, which is pretty much their entire job,” said Hawkins. “The Pro-Life Gen will be out for them as well, when the election gets closer.”

Nationwide, abortion is on the ballot in multiple states and SFLAction is supporting multiple Decline to Sign” campaigns against the signature collection efforts. These signature and ballot campaigns are often intentionally confusing and are a favored tool of pro-abortion groups as a Get-Out-The-Vote effort for a faltering Biden-Harris campaign.  


SFLAction will be mobilizing a powerful pivot point in the many close elections – the Youth Vote – now more than one-third of the electorate. LEARN MORE HERE: SFLA’s Secret Weapon: THE YOUTH VOTE Recruiting, Training, & Activating Pivotal Voters in Tight Races Nationwide

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