June 5, 2020

Tell The FDA Commissioner To Keep Safety Restrictions On RU-486 Abortion Drugs

Activist groups like the ACLU want to flood states with dangerous RU-486 drugs. These drugs end preborn lives, harm women, and can cause serious environmental issues. The chemicals used in RU-486 drugs are insoluble, which means they are entering our water supply.

We are encouraging people to use our Digital Action Center to contact the FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and urge him to maintain the safety standards (known as REMs) and ensure our water supply is not destroyed by RU-486 drugs.

You can take action by clicking the link here. In just a few seconds, you can send an e-mail to the FDA Commissioner, sharing your concerns.

Students for Life has sent a letter to the FDA commissioner, laying out our concerns. You can read the statement and letter here.

Kristan Hawkins stated:

“In light of the lawsuit filed by the ACLU, as well as 21 state attorney generals and a former FDA head joining forces with abortion industry enterprises, it’s clear that the allies of abortion in America want to make it easier to sell chemical abortion pills, no matter what happens to women. Over the last three years, Students for Life of America has been confronting the deceptions used to push chemical abortion pills as a quick fix on campuses across the nation, but nothing could be further than the truth…When it comes to chemical abortion pills, abortion sales teams have no time for testing to make sure a woman survives, no time to talk to her to make sure she’s not underage, abused or coerced and offers no hope for her as a strong women with options and a future if she’s also a mom. A quick sale is in the interest of abortion vendors, not women who can suffer deadly harm.”