August 31, 2023

The Call Is Coming from Inside the House (of Representatives) 

SFLAction Press Specialist & Online Editor Mattison Brooks

During her re-election bid in her district last year, Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina had a very interesting moment of clarity. She was called out by her opponent Dr. Annie Andrews for co-sponsoring the “Life at Conception Act.” Mace responded: 

“It is really a symbolic bill, that just brings up that life begins at conception, which is, you know — it doesn’t change any laws, it doesn’t change the Constitution.” 

Mace’s apparent willingness to support pro-life laws ONLY IF she doesn’t believe they will accomplish much is the problem. Pro-life Americans are not interested in the kind of “symbolism without meaningful change” that too often is the status quo of Washington D.C. 

As reported by Politico, Rep. Mace swore up and down an elevator (literally) on Capitol Hill that “we should not be taking this f-cking vote, man. F-ck … It’s an asshole move, an asshole amendment.” She proceeded to vote for this legislation anyways, naturally…but not before saying that it was “tone deaf” to defend life earlier this year. 

Rep. Mace’s actions prove that that human life, the most sacred, cherished, and precious thing that we as humans can experience or even create, is secondary to something else in her book and that of many others in Washington. Consistency in moral conviction, on human life in this instance, is a mere nuisance. An obstacle that gets in the way of what apparently matters most: winning power (only to do nothing with it) and securing speaking opportunities on CNN to present as a moderate or affable centrist. 

And so, Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins put the erstwhile prayer breakfast comedienne from South Carolina on notice in The Federalist this week. Our point? We’re done with the two-faced nonsense, and we’re going to keep our foot on the gas. We’re going to remind Republican voters of the records and rhetoric of those who happily take their campaign donations and votes but give nothing in return on the issues that matter most to them — be it life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. 

Hawkins wrote, “Roe v. Wade’s existence allowed weak politicians to hide behind the Supreme Court, and it’s no surprise that the media love to report on the uncommitted now forced to show their cards. Fortunately, Republican legislators at the state level were made of sterner stuff, passing the kind of life-saving legislation that led to Roe’s end.  


“In the days ahead, Students for Life Action will be highlighting “Biden’s Favorite Republicans,” continuing our efforts to recruit primary challengers and support pivotal champions as we have recently in Virginia, Florida, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, to name a few.” 

Too many politicians claim to be pro-life, but to them, preborn children aren’t human: they’re props and soundbites for fundraising emails or TV ads. But incumbents can be primaried, and we look forward to the day when we send Rep. Nancy Mace, and Basement Joe’s other favorite Republicans to the unemployment line along with America’s abortion vendors.  

To read Hawkins’ op-ed in The Federalist, click HERE