January 31, 2024

The “Experts” Who Would Fail a Third-Grade Biology Class Have Big Thoughts on Human Reproduction


You might be familiar with the organization Planned Parenthood; they have a well deserved reputation in the pro-life movement as “the bad guys” as the number one abortion vendor in the nation. Being at the forefront of a movement resulting in the loss of wiped out over 60 million lives in the last several decades tends to do that. 

You can now also add “painfully bad at elementary grade biology class and sex education” to their repertoire because of a recent video posted to Twitter.  

According to reporting from Fox News, “Social media users tore into major abortion provider Planned Parenthood this week after the group shared a video intended to educate people that sex has no concrete definition, and that the biological reality is actually whatever anyone wants it to be. 

Multiple conservative users expressed outrage as the clip depicted a spokesperson for the abortion giant standing in front of a black board and giving a short sex ed lesson about how the act is not just ‘penis-in-vagina sex’ but a wide range of sexual acts that people elect to do however they wish.” 

Shocking as this might be for everyone, children come from only one sexual act – the one that they bafflingly called narrowly defined (to our illiterate readers from Planned Parenthood, penis-in-vagina sex is where babies come from).  

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Are there other sex acts? Absolutely. Do we need Planned Parenthood “teaching” them at schools? No way.  

Should any of this be taught by radical progressive feminists who actively engage in medical genocide or promote gender transitions of children? Absolutely not.   

So why is Planned Parenthood taking this upon themselves? Have they run out of babies to kill or children to sterilize? Or pregnant mothers to intimidate and make a quick buck off of? 

They have no shortage of victims. They seem intent on creating new ones. Sadly, no, they’re not out of victims – rather, their intent seems to be creating new ones. 

Friend of Students for Life Action and noted Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey made an excellent point in her response to Planned Parenthood’s degenerate trash: 

The reason they’re doing that here is to trivialize sex. They want kids to think that sex is no bigger deal than making out so they’ll be more likely to do it. They want kids to think virginity isn’t real so they’ll never try to protect it. And you know what they really want? They want kids to be sexualized at an early age so that they’ll be more likely to be both sexually confused and sexually promiscuous, because people in both these categories a) make Planned Parenthood the big bucks and b) join the ranks of progressive activism.” 

A perfectly summarized conclusion with a great perspective and obvious conclusion: don’t take sex advice from an entity that wants to profit off of you, especially if these “experts” can’t even pass a third-grade biology class.