February 23, 2024

The Last Abortion Facility Standing in Wyoming


For all the talk from the pro-abortion wing of the Democrat Party that “abortion is healthcare,” they’re evidently not happy that the standards for medical care for abortion facility could be improving in the state of Wyoming.  

According to a news report in Wyoming Public Radio: “New restrictions to abortion access in Wyoming could come out of the Legislature this session. 

Introduced last week, House Bill 148 would require clinics that provide surgical abortions in the state to be licensed as ambulatory surgical centers — also known as day surgery centers. 

For now, the law would only impact the Wellspring Health Access facility in Casper, which is the only facility that provides surgical abortions left in Wyoming

Julie Burkhart, the founder of Wellspring Health Access facility, said the bill could create costs for her facility and require at least a temporary closure to do physical renovations and bring it in line with the new statute. 

If successful, House Bill 148 would add to a trend that we saw (and celebrated) last year when The Guardian noted that a large amount of abortion businesses closed in 2023, largely because of successful introductions of strong pro-life laws. 

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Now, the argument could be made that this is the weaponization of laws to accomplish a desired political or policy outcome. 


That’s what happens when you win elections: you get to make policy. As former President Barrack Obama famously said – elections have consequences. And given that Wyoming votes overwhelmingly in favor of Republicans,who veer on the side of being pro-life in the state, that’s the consequences of losing: pro-life laws get passed.  

Make no mistake, when the roles are reversed, the pro-abortion lobby is all too happy to do that in other states. They’re also making it the foundation of the Democrats’ election strategy in 2024, as evidenced by their frequent campaign pushes on this issue and their invitation of Katie Cox to the State of the Union speech in March. 

Any cries of foul play ring hollow given those realities – and if the pro-abortion lobbyists don’t like it, they can leave the state for greener pastures.  


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