August 24, 2021

The Long Road of Regulating Chemical Abortion in Texas

Students for Life Action leaders in Texas have worked hard all year to ensure that a chemical abortion safety regulation bill (SB 394 now SB 4 in the special session) passed in Texas to protect women from dangerous chemical abortion drugs. Gov. Greg Abbot added this bill to this summer’s special session that would (1) require in-person visits with an abortionist before and after a chemical abortion and (2) ban chemical abortions after seven weeks which is when they are even more dangerous for women. Both measures ensure the safety of women who take the drugs by requiring medical supervision and setting a data-driven gestational limit. 

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee held a hearing earlier this August. Three students representing Students for Life Action testified in support of the legislation and other students demonstrated their support by attending as well. After an emotional testimony by one of the students, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., the Democrat who authored the bill, referred to the testimony as one of the proudest moments of his 35-year political career. Multiple other senators complimented the courage of the students who testified and attended. Chairwomen Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, said the hearing was her favorite ever and the most inspirational thing she had experienced in months. The bill immediately passed committee by a 5-0 vote, with four senators absent. The next day, it passed the full Senate. Student Rachel Schroder shared her full account here. 

This victory was won with much dedicated effort from Texas pro-life students.

  • In March, Students for Life Action penned an open letter to all Texas Senators that was signed by nearly 100 Students for Life groups in Texas.
  • Around that same time, student Melanie Salazar testified in favor of the chemical abortion regulation.
More Battles & Victories in Texas

Texas has arguably had the most active (and successful) run in the entire country when it came to pro-life laws.

Unfortunately, Texas activism did not come without obstacle. Prior to the above testimonies, SFLAction students were told they needed to cover up their pro-life shirts and masks (despite not being able to be shown a rule requiring so).

Thank you to all Students for Life Action leaders and other pro-life activists in Texas whose hard work has made these advancements possible!