February 5, 2024

The Machete Professor Gets the Axe: Professor Rodriguez FIRED 


It’s always the ones you least suspect.  

When the news broke today that Sellyne Rodriguez was fired from her job at Cooper Union, many of us at Students for Life of America were taken aback. According to the NY Post 

“Shellyne Rodriguez, the nutty professor caught on camera holding the blade to a Post reporter’s neck in May has been fired from her latest teaching gig at Cooper Union for anti-Israel screeds, The Post has learned.” 

“Cooper Union has fired me because of a social media post I made about ‘Zionists,’” Rodriguez, 47, wrote in an email to students a week after the spring semester kicked off. 

Her Jan. 23 email was shared the next day on Instagram by the Cooper Union Students for Justice in Palestine. 

“This is fascism,” she wrote. “Y’all are learning about it in real time.” 


Students for Life of America have only known Professor Rodriguez to be measured and nuanced in her viewpoints; a paragon of even-handed temperament when interacting with our students. 

Just kidding – she swore at our students and destroyed a table display, and when confronted about it later, held a machete up to a journalists neck, threatening to “chop” him.  


WATCH: VIDEO: Fetusphobic Professor Becomes Unhinged Over Peaceful Pro-life Students on Campus, Destroys Display  


It’s positively Shakespearean how bad of a hiring decision this was.

Here’s a collection of her greatest hits from the SFLA blog: 


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Ultimately, we’re excited to see where Rodriguez lands next, as she’s always great content for this blog.