May 13, 2023

VICTORY: Alfred Kinsey’s Indiana Institute Defunded in New Budget

Known as a “sexologist” and the “father of the sexual revolution,” Dr. Alfred Charles Kinsey left a dark and creepy legacy in what is now known as the ‘Kinsey Institute’ at Indiana University. Dating back to 1941, Dr. Kinsey’s institute in Indiana has pushed questionable research far beyond a respectable limit  under the guise of “sexual studies.” 

While Dr. Kinsey has passed, his distasteful work and institution have lived on – but that ends now with a recent budget signed by Indiana Governor that states taxpayer fundsmay not be used to pay for the administration, operation, or programs of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.”

This yank of funding from the facility that has been known to collect data from pedophiles and rapists is a major victory!

Helping to make this vote happen, one bold state Representative led an effort to defund the research center in Bloomington, Indiana. The amendment sponsor claimed that the campus receives more than $400 billion in funding as they protect the “legacy of a sexual predator [Kinsey].”  

Bringing forth an amendment to the budget vote, this Representative was able to pass her amendment in the State House that would put limits on the access to taxpayer dollars that Indiana University has by denying such funds be directed to Kinsey Institute.  

The State Senate voted in April to finalize Indiana’s budget, and Students for Life of Action (SFLAction) was hopeful to see Senators vote in support of this amendment as checks and balances are clearly needed in our school systems. Dr. Kinsey’s early claim that “children are sexual from birth,” has negatively impacted much of today’s sexual education for children. It also keeps a door open for the abortion lobby who reaps the sad reward of confusing and promiscuous sexual education by profiting off abortions and sex-altering hormones and surgeries. 

SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins recently published an op-ed at The Daily Wire on this topic entitled, “‘Sexual From Birth’: Planned Parenthood Targets Children With ‘Porn Literacy’ Through Sex Education.” She wrote:   

“Planned Parenthood is in hot water after comments surfaced revealing that they support sexualizing young children. The remarks came from Bill Taverner, director of Planned Parenthood’s Center for Sex Education. In 2015 hesaidchildren and adults with intellectual disabilities are “sexual beings” from birth. Earlier, he advocated “porn literacy” for children as young as kindergarten.    

“Fox News recently published Taverner’s commentsin which he stated, “[We have] in our society, an assumption of asexuality of people with intellectual disabilities. It’s a myth that’s perpetuated, and reallywe are all sexual beings from birth until death.” Describing children as “sexual beings from birth” is not how most people would talk about children and reveals a pederastic and pedophilic worldview that most people rightly find disturbing.”   

Planned Parenthood and the Kinsey Institute alike must be stopped, and we commend Indiana’s State House for taking action against funding their twisted business models that profit off vulnerable children.  

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