October 31, 2022

This Representative is Too Pro-Life for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

The forty members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) all have something in common, and it’s not just their ethnic background. Together, the CHC makes up one party affiliation and one set of ideological beliefs.  

In a non-inclusive manner, the CHC rejected Texas Congresswoman Mayra Flores from joining the Caucus. Flores, a staunch conservative, has oftentimes been a disrupter for the narrative that the CHC has cast in Congress which has seemingly led to her denial from the group. 

Flores called out the CHC’s decision on Twitter writing: 

“As the first Mexican-born American Congresswoman, I thought the Hispanic Caucus would be open to working together. This denial once again proves a bias towards conservative Latinas that don’t fit their narrative or ideology.” 

According to the Washington Times, the CHC doubled down on its Democrat-only policy and claimed Flores held “extreme” positions. That’s pretty ironic considering the pro-abortion party, responsible for violence inside and outside of the womb, is the party that is #TooExtreme4Me. 

This raises the question: is it really the Congressional Hispanic Caucus or the Pro-Abortion Caucus in disguise? It is clear – you must kowtow to President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s radical policies in order to pass go with this group. 

Flores isn’t the only Member of Congress who was wrongfully rejected by her colleagues who claim to work across the aisle. Congressman Byron Donalds is in the Florida delegation and was also denied entry into the Congressional Black Caucus. 

“Last time I checked, I’m Black, and Mayra is Latina. These Democrats care more about the “R” than our race,” the Congressman Tweeted in Flores’ defense.  

These instances add to the growing list of occurrences in which the pro-abortion party has shown they don’t truly seek inclusion or tolerance for those with opposing views. Just as they reject women who don’t advocate for abortion, they reject Members of Congress who don’t side with their radical policies.  

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