June 5, 2023

Three Pieces of Pro-Life Advice for Rep. Nancy Mace

It’s no secret that Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has disagreed with Republican South Carolina U.S. Representative Nancy Mace over the issue of abortion — which is why her recent remarks on Steve Bannon’s podcast inviting any pro-lifer to debate her has sparked SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins’ interest 

The pro-life movement, which Rep. Mace has called “pro-birth,” is forthright in its values of protecting life in law and service. SFLAction believes that if a Representative such as Mace knowingly joins a party that has a pro-life platform, yet doesn’t want to support it, you should shop elsewhere. After all, there is another party that is extremely open about their quest to allow violence in the womb and fund abortion vendors.  

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Here are some key points of advice on life that Rep. Mace should consider:  

  • The Pro-Life Generation rejects leaders who run from abortion. 

In a recent op-ed at The American Mind, Hawkins wrote: 

The GOP needs to stop playing ostrich and get its head out of the sand. President Biden wasted no time in his 2024 campaign announcement in making abortion a front and center issue. Hiding from that is a formula for losing. Candidates who refuse to address an issue simply invite more questions, but it could be a response to some stunningly bad advice. 

“It’s hard to say whether it’s cowardice or lack of vision leading so many consultants to urge the GOP to not do their jobs and “to talk as little as possible” on an issue that for the last 10 months has caught the attention of Americans.” 

  •  We know, when properly defended, life is a winning issue. 

While the federal level has some catching up to do, Hawkins wrote, “The GOP needs to pay attention to the fact that life is winning at the state level. In Kansas, millions were spent to confuse the electorate on a ballot initiative that was supposed to be a bellwether event, signaling the end of pro-life laws in that state. And yet this month, Kansas legislators were able to override the veto of abortion-loving Governor Laura Kelly, who fought for infanticide.” 

She continued, “In many states, we have found state legislators to be leaders in their ability and willingness to make a principled stand, even when it doesn’t succeed. The group I head, Students for Life Action, reports that “every state legislator who championed SFLAction-inspired pro-life bills from prohibiting Chemical Abortion to Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Acts was reelected during last year’s political cycle.” 

  • The preborn deserve more than our bare minimum.  

Unfortunately, since her election in 2021, Rep. Mace has earned herself a C on our Pro-Life Generation Report Card and could be on track to do even worse in the next Congress. SFLAction hopes Rep. Mace improves her score and reconsiders her view on the preborn. And, if she is still up for it – Hawkins would love to have a conversation to debate some of these issues.  

SFLAction would like to see Rep. Mace ditch her current mentality which alludes that everyone in the GOP is worse on this issue than her. It’s not enough to bash pro-life bills and secure television time, real work must be done to protect life in law and service.  

SFLAction continues to monitor other “Bad Republicans” in Washington that have often sided with the abortion lobby, including U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins as well as Governors Glenn Youngkin and Joe Lambardo.  

Stay tuned to the SFLAction blog for news regarding Hawkins and Rep. Mace’s meeting! 

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