October 13, 2023

VA Gov. Youngkin’s New TV Ad Exposing the Democrats’ Abortion Extremism is Half Right


You’ve heard the lies before on the topic of late-term abortion; the Democrats have repeated them ad nauseum for the cameras.  Whether it’s their former employee puppets in the press or from the incoherent ramblings of Vice President Kamala Harris, the falsehood is two-fold: 1) late- term abortion doesn’t happen and 2) if it does happen, it’s so rare as to be insignificant.

This week, Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia rolled out a new campaign ad that highlights this total fabrication from the Democratic Party leadership and their allies in the media. Called “The Truth,” the ad says:

“It’s just not true: their lies about abortion. It’s disinformation, politics at its worst.

Here’s the truth: there is no ban. Virginia Republicans support a reasonable 15-week limit with exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. It’s a commonsense position that most Virginians support too.

But Virginia Democrats support no limits on abortion. All the way up to 40 weeks. Reasonable limits, or no limits at all? That’s the truth.”



The ad gets so much right – it understands that Joe Biden’s Democrats will not endorse any limits on abortion because they don’t believe in any. And it offers to improve Virginia’s laws when it comes to abortion, which right now rank as some of the most permissive in the nation, making it a vacation destination for ending life in the womb.

But sadly, the TV spot doesn’t go far enough in discussing all the options for protecting life in the womb.

Gov. Youngkin’s support for a limit on abortion at almost four months of pregnancy (15 weeks) is better than what Virginia has now, but protecting young life when a heartbeat confirms that they are thriving is also popular and protects more of the preborn. Even more significant, as more than nine in 10 abortions take place by three months (12 weeks) of pregnancy, Heartbeat Protections save more lives.

What exactly happens at 15 weeks that is so important to the life of the mother or the life of the preborn child? Nothing, really – no key point of development, no specific making of personhood.




As SLFAction President Kristan Hawkins’ noted in a letter to GOP Presidental candidates, as part of the Dobbs challenge to Roe v. Wade, 15 weeks was a line draw to advance that extraordinary legal case. But it was a tactic, not a goal.

And it achieved this historic opportunity available at the local, state, and federal levels to protect life in law and in service.

The polling on Heartbeat legislation is strong, and a  recent conversation at USA Today is on point. We report in our analysis:

“Our own You Gov/Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement polling shows, heartbeat abortion limits and limits when a baby can feel pain, poll basically the same, but a limit at heartbeat clearly will save more lives than waiting until 15 weeks, as more than 9 in 10 abortions take place by 12 weeks.”

“But it’s not just our polling indicating that Heartbeat Protections are well received among likely GOP primary voters.

“An OnMessage poll in 2022 found that there was only a one-point difference between support for a limit when a baby’s heartbeat is detected or at almost 4 months of pregnancy (15 weeks.) There the math was 50% GOP / 30% DEM – 15 weeks vs. unlimited abortion until birth compared to 49% GOP / 31% DEM – 6 weeks vs. unlimited abortion until birth.



“That math is echoed by the USA Today polling.  USA Today reports: “Asked what the strictest limit on abortion they would support, 22% said restrictions at six weeks of pregnancy and 24% restrictions at 15 weeks … Another 1 in 5, 22% were undecided.”

It’s not consensus to start with a limit on abortion at 15 weeks (almost four months). Gov. Ron DeSantis has been a leader on this front, signing the Heartbeat Abortion Protection Act.

It’s why in September Students for Life Action (SFLAction) asked all the presidential candidates to also  sign our Protecting Heartbeats Pledge, saying they will sign such laws if they make it to their desk as President.

Today, half of all states now have laws on the books to protect preborn life, from as early as conception to as late as 12 weeks. Let’s keep that momentum going.

Learn more about the many states where the Pro-Life Generation has fought for protections for those with the universal sign of life at Students for Life Action’s blog.