June 23, 2021

Victory in Kentucky! A.G. Cameron Files Brief to Uphold Ban on Abortions in First Trimester

Blog by Sarah Michalak

Amazing! Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron defends the state’s ban on live-dismemberment abortions. A circuit court put a hold on the law (HB 454), so Cameron fought back by filing a brief before SCOTUS. A.G. Cameron is supposed to make his defense before the Supreme court this coming fall!  

When the bill was passed in 2018, two Kentucky abortion providers and an abortion facility. The sixth circuit court upheld an injunction on the law and Kentuckians have not had their position on abortion upheld. 

Attorney General Cameron explained the rationale behind his efforts and why this is so important for the state he defends,  

HB 454 represents the values of Kentuckians and demonstrates the respect we have for the dignity of life. These values, set forth in our laws, must be defended at every turn, and it’s my job to step in, especially when other state officials refuse. This brief is the next step in this process, and we look forward to presenting our case to the U.S. Supreme Court this fall to ensure Kentucky’s laws can always be defended by our office. 

The abortion industry is doing whatever they can to prevent laws like these from being upheld. It would undermine Roe v. Wade, the 1973 SCOTUS case that made abortion a right in the first trimester, if the court should uphold a ban on any abortions in the first trimester. A.G. Cameron is not only representing the interests of Kentuckians but of all prolife Americans that are fighting for the abolish of abortion.  

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