August 29, 2023

What’s at Stake in Radical Push to Make Ohio California Again with Abortion Ballot Initiative … & Some Good News  


Ohio’s State Constitution is under attack as corporations betting on millions to be made from abortions and sterilizing drugs and surgeries want to skip the democratic process to force new “rights” into law. The hottest ballot initiative in the country right now, the Ohio abortion ballot initiative would block state legislators or even parents from weighing in, as it protects those selling abortion and sex-altering surgeries or drugs … but not the people exposed to them and definitely not the innocent preborn.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine calls the measure “a radical approach” that is out of step with Ohioans.

In fact, almost seven in ten Americans agree on placing some limits on abortion, but the Ohio ballot measure would allow for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. In fact, only 6 other nations, including major human rights abusers like China and North Korea, allow abortion that late into pregnancy.


SFLAction students in Ohio


This initiative also sets Ohioans up to pay for all abortion in the future by prohibiting any attempt to “burden, penalize, prohibit, interfere with, or discriminate” against abortion. The abortion lobby uses words like that to demand “access” to taxpayer money for abortion.

BUT THERE IS A SILVER LINING to this fight today to protect the Ohio State Constitution from “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety.” The smoke screen is gone, as the Secretary of State Frank LaRose submitted language for a summary of the ballot initiative that replaced “fetus” with “unborn child.” Voters will read the summary when they vote on the proposed change.

Thanks to LaRose, Ohioans will know that the amendment would “always allow an unborn child to be aborted at any stage of pregnancy, regardless of viability if, in the treating physician’s determination” the life and health exception applies.

Ohio officials choose to tell the truth about whose lives are on the lives.



Pretending that direct abortions don’t end the lives of tiny human victims is how we got to the loss of 64 million souls in the United States … and counting.

Here are a few key facts to remember about this attempt to force Ohio to accept California values on abortion:  
  • The most important thing to know is VOTE NO. (Full Text Here) The Ohio Ballot Initiative would create a legal environment in which those selling abortions and those using abortion to cover up crimes are protected.


  • The vote is set for Nov. 7.



  • Rather than using the democratic process to fight for the laws they want, the abortion lobby wants to use the tricks of Roe v. Wade to force abortion into the state constitution that blocks almost any attempt to either limit abortion or to protect the vulnerable from abusers or coercive sales teams … Planned Parenthood et al.


  • This ultimately will upset the balance of powers in our system of government, blocking the state legislator from weighing in on abortion, as the Supreme Court just affirmed in Dobbs v. Jackson. This does not merely allow for abortions in Ohio, it would PREVENT any future pro-life laws from being passed and establish unlimited abortion. (Remember: The Ballot Initiative says: “The State shall not, directly or indirectly, burden, penalize, prohibit, interfere with, or discriminate against either … an individual’s voluntary exercise of this right or a person or entity that assists an individual exercising this right.)




  • The measure would GET RID of PARENTAL rights, by defining a “right” for “individuals” to get abortions, meaning citizens of all ages.


  • It sets up a “right” to abortion based on the “health” of the mother, which the courts have interpreted to demand unlimited abortion, as almost everything impacts a person’s health.


  • It will establish a “right” to sterilizing treatments, by saying that “reproductive decisions” must be allowed. In particular, this would require that Planned Parenthood’s growing “gender” business, with “therapies” that include sterilizing, unreversible surgeries and drugs be fully accommodated. Secretary of State Frank LaRose: Legal scholars have expressed concerns about sex altering protocols. “Some believe very clearly that it would allow gender reassignment surgery on children without any parental involvement,” LaRose said. “I think most of us are horrified by that idea, and the fact that that could be in the offing.”


  • It creates a get-out-of-prosecution free card for abusers as any “person” that “assists” an “individual” to get an abortion, or to go under the knife for a sterilizing surgery, or to be exposed to life-altering, irreversible hormones will not be held accountable.


SFLAction Ohio Coordinator Jamie Scherdin & students


  • Using abortion to cover up crimes would be allowed and not part of any criminal prosecution.


  • It could easily lead to taxpayer funded abortion and sex-altering procedures and drugs as the abortion lobby has argued it is discrimination if those who have fewer resources can’t get the same products sold by Planned Parenthood.

Get involved with our efforts to protect LIFE and Ohio’s Constitutional rights to protect life. What are we doing? Read more HERE.