October 12, 2022

A Republican Is Missing from SFLAction’s Door Literature, Here’s the Scoop

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has busted a myth that has been perpetuated for many years: an ‘R’ next to your name as an elected official doesn’t mean you truly stand for the pro-life platform … or that pro-life activists support YOU.  

As noted recently by The New York Times, “In the Post-Roe world, just being “pro-life” doesn’t quite cut it for Republican politicians.”  

SFLAction has set the status quo for pro-life champions who truly work to protect life in law and service. Cast in Point: Joe O’Dea who is running for Colorado’s Senate seat in Congress, hasn’t been identified as a champion by the mega grassroots mobilizer.  

In fact, the pro-life organization had to remove O’Dea altogether from its canvassing literature in light of his recent position on protecting the preborn. O’Dea’s extreme abortion policies are likely the reason why the candidate didn’t return his survey questionnaire – he won’t pledge to be pro-life if voted into office.    

SFLAction has removed O’Dea from door knocking literature because:  

  1. O’Dea released a digital ad of his daughter saying he’s “pro-abortion rights.”

  2. His campaign sent a text message toting his position writing, “A Republican who supports abortion rights? It’s true.”  

3. O’Dea supports,Roe vs. Wade and opposes the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn it … O’Dea said he opposes a ban on abortion, and would vote to codify a woman’s right to choose early in pregnancy and in the case of rape, incest and the life of the mother.”

4. During a recent interview with Chuck Todd, O’Dea stated that a woman should be allowed to have an elective abortion through the first five months of pregnancy. Studies show fetal pain can be detected as early as 12 weeks – supporting elective abortions after such a point is nothing less than cruel.  

SFLAction disagrees with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – someone who supports elective abortions is not the “perfect candidate.” Without a clear choice for life, the Republican candidate is struggling to win his race. Perhaps O’Dea’s struggle is due to standing on the wrong side of the greatest human rights issue of our day.

In fact, Pew polling indicates that 4 in 10 voters say abortion is “very important” for their vote, while Gallup notes that pro-life people are more likely to be single-issue voters. Historically, voter intensity has been on the pro-life side. Even the GOP endorsed candidate who lost the primary endorsed an independent over O’Dea.   

State Representative Ron Hanks was unable to secure the primary win, but he chose to endorse Brian Peotter over O’Dea. Hanks reasoned that Peotter was a better endorsement as he is pro-life and couldn’t support O’Dea’s extreme pro-abortion policies.  

“Foremost among conservative principles is protecting the unborn. To O’Dea, apparently, some murders in the womb are acceptable, depending on the calendar,” Hanks said. 

As SFLAction mobilizes the pro-life generation in Colorado, O’Dea’s name WON’T be on the literature given to thousands of residents.  

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