February 7, 2024

Bottom’s Up: California Wants Their Residents to Drink WHAT Kind of Water?


America’s clean drinking water is overseen by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – the same agency that Students for Life Action (SFLAction) just recently petitioned to expand its tracking of forever chemicals in the water supply to include those used in Chemical Abortions. 

READ: Students for Life of America Submits Legal Analysis to the Environmental Protection Agency, Detailing Reasons for Tracking the Active Metabolites in Chemical Abortion Pills because “Everyone needs Safe Drinking Water” 

However, when SFLAction launched the What’s in The Water campaign, it wasn’t intended to evaluate California’s plumbing. According to a recent (and gross) report from The Washington Post:   

“As climate change and water scarcity become increasingly urgent issues around the world, governments are turning to new options to ensure adequate water supplies — including turning sewage waste into drinking water. 

And if you’re in California, this may soon be flowing from your kitchen tap. 

The State Water Resources Control Board on Tuesday voted to allow water companies to pump treated wastewater into residents’ taps in the populous, drought-prone state. In a statement, the board said the decision would give California “the most advanced standards in the nation for treating wastewater to such an extent that the finished product meets or exceeds current drinking water standards.”

It’s admirable that the powers that be in California are choosing to clean up the water first. Given Governor Gavin Newsom’s seeming indifference to the plight of California’s human waste concerns, one can never be too sure. 

Yes, that’s exactly what you think it is.

However, it’s worth noting that one doesn’t have to drink recycled toilet water, should you wish for a drink. If water supplies are low,a common problem in California because of mismanagement of their water storage reservoirs, there’s always the ocean. 

 No, that’s not an attempt at salty humor. According to MIT researchers 

“MIT researchers have developed a portable desalination unit, weighing less than 10 kilograms, that can remove particles and salts to generate drinking water. 

The suitcase-sized device, which requires less power to operate than a cell phone charger, can also be driven by a small, portable solar panel, which can be purchased online for around $50. It automatically generates drinking water that exceeds World Health Organization quality standards. The technology is packaged into a user-friendly device that runs with the push of one button.” 

It’s probably less psychologically upsetting to imagine oneself drinking cleaned-up seawater versus the alternative.