January 25, 2024

California, So-Called “Abortion Sanctuary State,” Can’t Standing Looking At It


California is something of a paradox. It is filled with some of the most breathtaking landscapes in America (especially Yosemite National Park) yet also with major cities covered in human feces. Abounding with wealth and glamour, it additionally hash some of the highest income inequality and homelessness in the nation. A place that welcomes abortion-seeking women but insists that if abortion happens, it happens far from the eyes of those most likely to support it.

It’s this latter category that’s worth unpacking, as a recent article in Politico highlights the state’s hypocrisy on the matter:

“There would seem to be no place friendlier to abortion rights than Beverly Hills, where the City Council voted unanimously on a resolution supporting access to the procedure after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Which is why billboards going up Thursday in the famously wealthy city are such a surprise.

“Los Angeles should be safe for abortion seekers,” the brightly colored signs read. “Fight back against attempts to shut down DuPont Clinic.””

One of the worst ironies from this billboard is that abortion isn’t even safe for abortion seekers (not to mention preborn children). Recently in Nevada, a 24-year-old-woman died due to complications from a septic abortion just six days after visiting a Planned Parenthood facility for an abortion.

Globally, according to data in an article at The National Review, maternal mortality has gotten worse in nations that have legalized abortion. To name a few:

  • South Africa shows very clearly that maternal deaths from abortion have been steadily increasing since abortion was legalized. Maternal deaths in general doubled or tripled in the years following legalization, mostly because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but evidence shows that legalized abortion contributes significantly to STD transmission”
  • “Rwanda legalized abortion in 2012. Prior to this, abortion was responsible for around 3 percent of maternal deaths, but upon legalization this doubled to 6–7 percent of maternal deaths.”
  • Malta and Poland have the lowest maternal mortality ratios in the world, and they prohibit more than 99 percent and 98 percent of abortions, respectively.”
  • “Ethiopia legalized abortion in 2006, and I have shown elsewhere that this resulted in an increase in complications of abortion across the country.”

And yet  America’s so-called Golden State,under Governor Gavin Newsom, has become something of an “abortion sanctuary state.” He signed a law that would allow doctors in pro-life Republican states to come to California to get “abortion training,” according to an article from the LA Times.

He has also openly criticized the Heartbeat Protection Act that restrict abortions before six weeks, usually when a heartbeat is detectable.

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Governor Newsom has time and time again also refused to state whether he thinks later-term abortions are even real. When asked about later term abortion during his debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis he said:

Hannity: “Would you support on abortion between 7, 8, 9 months if the mother’s life is not in jeopardy?”

Newsom: “It’s an extreme exception.”

Hannity: “Should it be illegal then?

Newsom: “It should be up to the mother, her doctor, and her conscience.”

Hannity: “So no limits then?”

As we have covered in separate blogs, 12,000 lives a year is hardly rare, as Newsom has claimed.

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So why does the thought of another abortion clinic give the deeply progressive and pro-abortion California so much heartburn? According to the Politico article:

“That would inevitably draw protesters — and too much controversy for the affluent enclave.

It may seem unexpected in California — a state where people are so overwhelmingly in favor of abortion rights that voters enshrined access into the state constitution in 2022, also in response to the Supreme Court.

But maybe it’s fitting in a place where NIMBYism has long clashed with lofty impulses, especially when it comes to building more affordable housing.”

Hypocrisy, thy name is California. They’re all for letting the preborn die en masse inside their state borders, but if there’s any push-back on their street corner, it needs to be moved out of sight. A guilty conscience cannot stand a constant reminder.

The Politico article also noted that this isn’t the first city in California that’s failing to live up to its own gruesome promises:

“Beverly Hills is not alone in its ambivalence.

In the Inland Empire city of Fontana, the construction of a new Planned Parenthood has been held up in endless permitting disputes with the city after it instituted a moratorium on construction. Planned new clinics in Visalia and El Centro have either been heavily delayed with red tape or abandoned altogether.”

Don’t get it twisted – we’re glad to see that abortion clinics aren’t being welcomed with open arms by the city planners. We just wish that disgust for these death factories extended all the way across the state itself. Sadly, if the elite in California cared about helping or serving the most vulnerable, that would’ve probably materialized in the myriad of other disasters facing the state – whether it’s poo on the streets or helping women avoid abortions entirely.

The preborn lives being lost just happens to be the worst of them all.

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