March 20, 2024

Follow Students for Life Action and Politico in Arizona as They Inform Voters on an Extreme Abortion Amendment

Arizona is one of 13 states facing a potential ballot referendum that would enshrine the false “right” to an abortion in the state’s constitution.  

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This is a critical moment for abortion issues in Arizona, so a Politico reporter tagged along with the Phoenix Campaign for Abortion Free Cities team to hit the neighborhoods and inform voters.

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Since many people are unaware of the extreme abortion measures proposed in their own state, the reporter saw first-hand how Phoenix Campaign for Abortion Free Cities team informed voters about this extreme measure.  

The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities created a strategic Ballot Referendum Response Kit that seeks to equip local leaders on the ground to fight against these bullying tactics from the pro-abortion movement. The team started several campaigns in the Arizona area, Students for Life Action (SFLAction)’s Phoenix campaign followed by Tucson, and Scottsdale. During their time with the Politico reporter, team lead Heather Litchfield and lead volunteer Jeremiah Wilkerson recounted their time door knocking as they heard from local Phoenix neighbors on their thoughts on this potential referendum.   


I went door-knocking after the March for Life Arizona with several students from Arizona Christian University and Grand Canyon University and other volunteers. Everyone was excited as we were all on that activism high.  

A Voter Encouraged to Do Their Research 

It took us about ten doors before my group got someone to answer. A kind old woman stepped out. She didn’t know what a Pregnancy Resource Center was, so I took that opportunity to educate her on what they were as well as abortion amendments. She was unaware of the amendment, learned from us, willing to do more research before signing anything. 

Citizen Goes from Hostile to Inquisitive 

One of the last doors we knocked Jeremiah had an older lady open the door. She said she knew what the local Pregnancy Care Center, Choices, was, and said she opposed everything they did. Alice (the politico reporter) jumped in and asked her a couple of questions. As I questioned her, she said she knew about the amendment. When I told her it would make abortion legal up to the moment of birth, take away parental consent, allow any healthcare professional to administer or recommend an abortion, and make it taxpayer-funded, she seemed stunned. She said she was uncomfortable with it, and it went too far.  

All in all, a successful day.  


Informing a Friendly Citizen While Teaching New Volunteers 

One friendly gentleman opened his door, and I was able to tell him about everything in the Ballot Referendum Response Kit and it was also a teachable moment for the new volunteers. He was unaware of the pregnancy center options and the abortion amendment. He received our Decline to Sign activation materials – another successful interaction.  

A Woman Connected to a Pregnancy Care Center, But SUPPORTED the Abortion Ballot Referendum 

This is when we had our most interesting door. An older woman opened, and she identified herself as the mother-in-law of someone who works at Choices. At first, she was excited to see us, presumably because she thought we were pro-abortion. When she realized we were pro-life, she became frustrated and refused to support the amendment due to taking power away from doctors and patients, as well as claiming pregnancy care centers were “white nationalist.” She was also interviewed by Alice, the reporter, and Alice was able to quote her.  

The Importance of Being an Informed Citizen 

Many people didn’t know much about the amendment and how severely it endangers women’s health. Abortion-loving politicians put forth legislation that trades women’s health and safety for ease of abortion access. Most people, even if they support abortion to some level, want guardrails and limits.  

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From this door knocking alone, minds were challenged, even changed, as a frustrated pro-abortion supporter transformed into reluctant ally against the amendment.   

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