April 30, 2024

Joe Biden Has Never Been Less Popular – And He’s Never Talked About Abortion More


President Joe Biden’s chances to win a second term are in free fall, if the polls are right. New reporting from NBC says that “just 25% of Republicans said there was a convincing reason to consider voting against Trump, compared to 42% of Democrats with Biden.” And according to Gallup, Biden’s approval rates are the lowest on record for a President at this time of Presidency. 

His administration has never been more focused on abortion than it is now. In just the last year, Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden have been on a seemingly endless road trip of pro-abortion apologetics, with eight stops since September 2023. And VP Harris is expected to visit Florida this week.  

The Democrat Party official account, and their respective Twitter accounts post about it constantly 

They made it the focus point of their State of the Union speech, where Biden made abortion the center pillar as he promised to restore Roe, and featured numerous women with tragic abortion stories.  

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Yet, making abortion the signature issue of Biden’s re-election campaign is a major misstep. Abortion isn’t cracking the top echelon of issues that most voters are concerned with. Polling from Pew Research, Gallup, and Data for Progress all showed that the top three most important issues to voters are a mixture of immigration, the economy, and inflation.  

But of course, President Biden can’t run on that – Bidenomics is a disaster and it’s a term that’s not even being used anymore it was so terrible.  

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Even worse for Biden, is that the voting bloc holding his re-electoral fate in his hands and views abortion as there ride or die issue, isn’t buying what the Democrats are selling.  

As reported in an article blog we shared earlier this year: “In the SFLA/Demetree Institute/YouGov poll earlier this year, more than 6 in 10 youth voters said they wanted limits on abortion. And MONEY WON’T BUY YOU LOVE: Politicians thinking to buy the Gen Z and Gen Y vote with money for abortions won’t find it a sure thing. On taxpayer funding of abortion, almost twice as many oppose such funding as support it – 40% against to 23% for it, with 26% believing it depends, and 11% undecided. Visit the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement to explore the Youth Vote’s nuanced positions on abortion and life-affirming alternatives.” 

Another major finding from the survey found more than three in 10 said they would be more willing to accept limits on abortion IF there were more services, a true call to action for pro-life legislators moving forward on protecting LIFE in law AND in service.   

All this data shows a voting bloc completely at odds with the pro-abortion Democrat platform: limitless abortion, nationwide, without apology or exception. Even the Democrats nationwide ballot initiatives as a desperate get out the vote tactic isn’t working.  

Donald Trump, who overwhelmingly lost the youth vote in 2020 is running neck and neck with Joe Biden in current polls and has opportunities to gain more support as Biden falls in the polls. 

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And if the Democrats don’t change their strategy soon, they’ll be championing that same viewpoint from the sidelines in 2025.

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