February 13, 2024

Joe Biden Says He Doesn’t Want Abortion on Demand – But His Record Proves Otherwise


Joe Biden can’t seem to make up his mind when it comes to abortion. One day he loves it – the next he’s not that into it. His contradictory nature is starting to drive the most rabid pro-abortion members of the mainstream media a bit mad. From a recent article in Slate 

“President Joe Biden probably thought he did a good job at a Wednesday night fundraiser—he used the word abortion in a speech, which is, incredibly enough, a notable occurrence for the presidential candidate whose party should be running on abortion access. Here’s what he said: “I’m a practicing Catholic. I don’t want abortion on demand, but I thought Roe v. Wade was right.” 

I bet he thinks this was an improvement because, as far as Joe Biden goes, this is about as close as he gets to saying reproductive autonomy is a good thing. I can actually imagine him thinking, surely saying “I don’t want abortion on demand” is better than the last time, when I said “I’m not big on abortion.” 

Is it better? Maybe, I guess? But what I can tell you definitively is that it’s certainly not enough.” 

Honestly, what more does the pro-abortion industrial complex want? Biden already said that he supports abortion through all three trimesters (mistakenly believing that there’s a fourth).  

“I love how Trump is saying Biden is for abortion on demand. That’s not true.” said Biden at a Las Vegas event on February 4. “That’s not what Roe v. Wade said. It said the three trimesters.”  

The Biden administration hasn’t been shy about their intentions for expanding beyond Roe. Their signature law, the Women’s Health Protection Act, would allow abortions to be conducted up until birth nationwide without any ability for the states to push back, demand taxpayer funding, and trample on the conscience rights of medical professionals.  

Not only that, as we reported in another Students for Life Action blog on Biden’s abortion extremism, there are Congressional committees that are likewise committed to finding ways to expand access to abortion:   

  • The House Oversight and Accountability Committee   
  • The House Oversight and Reform Committee   
  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee   
  • The House Ways and Means Committee   
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee   
  • The Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee    
  • The Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee    

The Biden administration is likewise crawling with pro-abortion extremists, including at The Department of Health and Human Services, the US Surgeon General, the Treasury Secretary, and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, among others. The military isn’t untouched by this madness and is now offering abortion services for the first time in its history.    

The Salon reporter even argues that the Democrats are making abortion their primary play for 2024: “Abortion is a winning issue—which the campaign knows because it’s running on it…” 

So why are they so upset with Biden’s wish-washy rhetoric? If we can venture a guess – it’s because he’s not verbally and publicly rabidly pro-abortion like they are, even if all Biden’s actions say otherwise.  

From the article: “…but Biden seems to say the word abortion only when he wants to remind people that he doesn’t care for it.” 

And therein lies the primary problem – the long-held position of pro-abortion Democrats –  safe, legal, and rare” – has given way to “without restriction and without apology.” If Joe Biden and other Democrat politicians keep “apologizing” for it and making excuses, however hollow those acts are, it will never be enough for the pro-abortion media and their patrons.