February 9, 2024

The Democrats Don’t Want to Restore Roe – They Want to Expand It


In an election year, it’s often wise to choose battles carefully and strategically. Ronald Reagan once famously spoke of an 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”  

The pro-abortion industrial complex seems to be taking a page from the Gipper, keeping their mouths shut about how the Democrats are approaching abortion if a recent report from Vox is to be believed. According to the news story:  

“When a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a bill in summer 2022 to codify the legal protections that existed under Roe just before the Dobbs decision was issued, a coalition of reproductive rights groups came out quickly against it. Activists instead had their eyes set on the Women’s Health Protection Act, a more sweeping federal bill that would not only restore the pre-Dobbs status quo but also ban most state-level restrictions as well as religious exemptions for health care providers. (WHPA passed the House in 2021 but failed twice in the Senate.)  

The groups’ opposition to anything incremental meant a more moderate, compromise effort to protect abortion rights in Congress was never seriously attempted after Roe.” 

This is an important admission around the Women’s Health Protection Act as it does indeed go way beyond Roe. For example, this pro-abortion law would allow abortions to be conducted up until birth nationwide, a law that several states currently allow, without any ability for the states to push back, demand taxpayer funding, and trample on the conscience rights of medical professionals. 

Any state that’s passed strong pro-life protections would have their hands tied and forced to go along with a federal law. Not only that, the Women’s Health Protection Act  allows the federal government to go after and halt state pro-life activity and people of faith who oppose abortion. 


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The article continues: “The hope to go beyond Roe hasn’t disappeared. Bolstered by decisive ballot measures to protect abortion rights over the last 18 months, election wins for Democrats who campaigned heavily on reproductive freedom, and surveys that suggest voters have grown even more supportive of abortion rights since Roe’s repeal, many activists have pressed Democrats to avoid using “Roe” language at all, and even steer clear of popular “pro-choice” messaging they believe helped normalize restricting abortion over the years.” 

The Vox article admits without shame that the long-time pro-abortion Roe language and pro-choice messaging is toxic . And they freely admit they’re rebranding to win.  

This is a fact we’ve covered before in a separate Students for Life of America (SFLA) blog, and SFLA President Kristan Hawkins even wrote about it in an op-ed published at The Daily Wire, entitled how the abortion lobby is sneakily attempting to appropriate that language of American Freedom, hoping to trick voters turned off by the ‘choice’ label.   

Hawkins wrote, “After sending some staff into a Planned Parenthood messaging training years ago in New York City, I knew “choice was on its way out as trainers admitted “choice” was associated with “abortion” and people, regardless of their labels, don’t like that word. So, choice, exit, stage left. The rebranding from “My Body, My Choice” to “Let American’s enjoy their freedoms” is nothing more than a subversive tactic to deal with the broken truth of choice – that it matters what you pick, because not all choices are created equal. It’s not “freedom” to end an innocent’s life. That is the definition of tyranny.”   




The Vox article continued further: 

“Yet with the 2024 election now closer and stakes on abortion access even higher, reproductive rights groups have decided to swallow their concerns and enthusiastically endorse the president’s reelection strategy. Vox reached out to a dozen abortion rights groups, and while many offered statements about the need to do more to protect abortion access, no organization went so far as to say they disagreed with the president on his call to restore Roe, or explicitly object to his language.” 

This last point also matters because it showcases the lockstep commitment between pro-abortion industrial complex and abortionas a 2024 winning strategy. As we’ve discussed before, it’s because the Democrats can’t run on anything else. In 2024, the abortion lobby will use the Democrat Party to obfuscate reality and abortion as a “get out of accountability free” card.  

But they won’t run honestly on the issue – in the Fall 2023 elections, they lied repeatedly in Virginia and in Ohio. 

Safe, legal, and rare” has given way to “without restriction and without apology.”   

But it’s an extreme position that isn’t popular – the all-important youth vote can be won over with pro-life positions, according to data collected by Students for Life of America (SFLA) & the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement (IPA).  

Reportedly more than one-third of the electorate, and headed toward majority status, the youth vote has demonstrated that:  

  • Not only do more than 6 in 10 want a limit on abortion, 37% supported protections at a confirmed heartbeat or better.   
  • 31% of youth voters said they would be willing to accept limits on abortion if more help was available.  
  • More than 9 in 10 supported offering care to an infant who survives a botched abortion – 72% supported emergency measures, including calling 911, with 19% desiring care. 
  • Mirroring the same level of radical support as for the Democratic Party’s abortion views, only 9% picked: “Nothing should be done since the mother was trying to have an abortion done.” 


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Even with the Democrats hard push towards limitless abortion, and the abortion industrial complex waiting in the wings to move beyond the so-called “moderate” positions of Roe, there are limits on abortion that Americans want to see. As long as we can keep educating voters about the horrors of abortion, that number is only likely to grow.