September 6, 2023

Rep. Nancy Mace Doubles Down on Her Worst Pro-Life Take – Again

America’s favorite foul-mouthed prayer breakfast guest speaker is at it again. Not to be outdone by herself, Nancy Mace, Congresswoman from South Carolina, recently doubled down on her assertion that the best way to win elections is to throw the pre-born under the proverbial campaign bus.  During (another) segment on CNN, Mace argued that her fellow Republicans from moderate districts face metaphorical elimination if they don’t go along with the very real elimination of pre-born life, saying “I think they’re walking the plank”:  

“I’m pro-life, I have a fantastic pro-life voting record, but I also understand that we cannot be assholes to women.” 

It is indeed true that Congresswoman Mace has a fantastic voting on symbolic toothless gesture votes on the issue of life. Beyond that, she’s given little more than grudging contradictory voting patterns and false choices, such as that caring for the pre-born and fighting for their right to life is at odds with compassion to women. It’s an asinine point that she also made later in the same interview:   

“As a Republican woman today in 2023, this is a very lonely place to be. Because I feel like I am the only woman on our side of the aisle advocating for things that all women should care about.” 

While the self-indulgent pity party might charm the other members of Biden’s Favorite Republicans™, Congresswoman Mace is hardly alone in what she believes – she recently shared common cause with Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez on ignoring Federal Judges rulings 

Earlier this year, Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post penned a Quixotic screed defending Congresswoman Mace, and argued that the value of human life is “better discovered than imposed by guidance police” and that “our politicians should have more faith in the basic decency of women guided by their own moral compass.”

But society has laws for precisely this reason – people cannot be trusted with their own moral compass. This is why one of the oldest and most cherished traditions of human civilization is a code of laws, be it the 10 Commandments, The Code of Hammurabi, or the Laws of Urukagina, King of Lagash in Mesopotamia, who in approximately 2300 BC was recorded to have written laws that said that “the widow and the orphan were no longer at the mercy of the powerful man.”

Consider that the idea that the weak must be protected against the strong is a concept as ancient as recorded civilization itself. Having an established moral system that defends and upholds life doesn’t make you an a**hole – letting the helpless be victimized by the strong does. 

Students for Life holds unequivocally to the belief that you cannot argue you’re pro-life while tacitly condoning the mass slaughter of innocent pre-born life if it means winning elections. There is no middle ground to be had – life begins when it begins, and anything that terminates innocent, helpless life is by definition murder. Life isn’t a moving target that shifts based upon points of economic, social, or personal convenience.  

Ending that life isn’t freedom, it’s oppression, and we’re not going to stop reminding Congresswoman Mace or anyone else of this fact, either here on this blog, The Federalist, or on the airwaves this fall.