November 8, 2022

Election Night Preview – Tracking More Then 300 State AND Federal Races on Abortion, Predicting Abortion as Big Loser 

“Abortion kills babies and political careers. Students for Life Action is tracking hundreds of candidates and expects those who sympathize with the abortion lobby to see their political career cut short tonight,” said Kristan Hawkins, SFLAction President. “The pro-abortion agenda, naively thought to be a winning issue since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, will prove to be a big loser as 90% of Americans reject extremist values like allowing abortion through all nine months, for any reason, at the expense of the taxpayer.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (11-08-2022) – As a national pro-life organization prioritizing both state and federal elections, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) is closely monitoring the outcome of hundreds of races from U.S. House and Senate seats, State House & Senate candidates, Attorneys General and Governor races, as well as five ballot initiatives on abortion. SFLAction selects races for engagement by prioritizing locations where a few more votes can make a huge difference in our ability to protect life in law and in service. With that in mind, SFLAction also participates in primary battles at the state and federal levels, when one candidate is clearly the pro-life choice or where a candidate has failed to protect life in law. Given the importance of state legislatures and governors, our 50-state team on the ground is well placed to make a difference in races at all levels.

“We anticipate the pro-abortion agenda to be a big loser tonight because if you like ANY limits on abortion, you don’t like Joe Biden’s abortion agenda,” said SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins. SFLAction has collected more than 600 candidate surveys this election cycle with hundreds pledging to vote 100% pro-life. We’re tracking key elections tonight that could impact the future of state and federal legislation.

Promising signs for the pro-life movement in every corner of the country

As a mega grassroots mobilizer, SFLAction has deployed hundreds of student activists to canvass in 33 states around the country. In addition, SFLAction is educating more than 250,000 voters at their doorsteps and has utilized its #VoteProLifeFirst digital campaign to run ads, send peer-to-peer text messages, and make phone calls to reach another seven million voters.

Locking in on one-third of the voting bloc, Gen Z and Millennial voters have been rapidly mobilizing on their campuses and communities to get their peers to join them and pledge to #VoteProLifeFirst. This campaign has seen more than 111,000 Gen Z and Millennial voters so far change their minds and pledge to #VoteProLifeFirst.

In key states, SFLAction has:

  • Personally texted nearly 3,110,252 voters exposing the abortion lobby’s propaganda.
  • Made 2,051,680 phone calls to pro-life voters.
  • Launched cutting-edge Vote Pro-Life First digital ads, focusing on the youth vote that were viewed over 8,988,106 times.
  • Exposed nearly a dozen pro-abortion candidates who are #TooExtreme4Me through Overpass Outreach.

SFLAction is paying special attention to:

State Legislative Races

SFLAction is monitoring results for 230 State House seats and 66 State Senate seats in hopes to pick-up more Pro-Life Champions who want to introduce SFLAction-inspired legislation.

  • Alabama: SFLAction is monitoring five State House races and the outcome for State Auditor. CLICK HERE to watch SFLAction’s primary recap video on Alabama. SFLAction knocked on 1,180 doors, sent 21,777 texts, and made 15,796 phone calls.
  • Arizona: To date, SFLAction has knocked on 7,118 doors, sent 191,069 personal text messages, and made 115,077 phone calls in Arizona. We’re monitoring eight State House races and five State Senate races in one of the most important state legislative races in the nation.
  • Arkansas: SFLAction is monitoring four competitive State House races in Arkansas and one State Senate seat. SFLAction knocked on 332 doors throughout the district.
  • Colorado: Knocking on 1,850 doors, sending 17,899 personal texts, and making 199,917 phone calls has helped get out the vote in Colorado as SFLAction monitors five State House races and one State Senate seat.
  •  Florida: Pro-life voters in Florida have received 75,265 personal text messages from SFLAction who also knocked on 1,266 doors and made 54,883 phone calls. SFLAction is monitoring more than a dozen State House races and five State Senate seats.
  • Georgia: SFLAction is watching the outcome of one State House race in Georgia and has sent 3,479 text messages in the district.

  • Idaho: SFLAction is monitoring three competitive State House races and four State Senate seats. SFLAction sent a total of 41,385 personal text messages and made 33,403 phone calls.
  • Indiana: So far, SFLAction has knocked on 6,421 doors and sent 55,978 personal text messages in Indiana as we monitor the outcome of 24 State House races and two State House seats.
  • Iowa: Knocking on 5,100 doors, sending 18,852 personal texts and making 13,881 phone calls will help Iowa #VoteProLifeFirst. We are monitoring seven State House races and one State Senate seat.
  •  Kentucky: SFLAction has reached voters by knocking on 1,831 doors, sending 19,974 personal text messages, and making 30,427 phone calls. In addition to monitoring the ballot referendum in Kentucky, we’re watching two State Senate races and ten State House seats.
  • Michigan: In addition to knocking on 2,218 doors, SFLAction sent 22,751 personal text messages and made 24,527 phone calls as we watch five State House races.
  • Minnesota: SFLAction has so far reached 2,617 voters by doors and 4,706 by personal text in Minnesota. We’re also taking note of two important State House races.
  • Montana: While the number is growing, we’ve so far knocking on 3,159 doors, sent 3,136 personal texts, and made 3,692 phone calls. CLICK HERE to watch SFLAction’s primary recap video on Montana. We are monitoring seven State House races and you can CLICK HERE to read more about SFLAction’s State Captain turned rising star as an 18-year-old nominee on the ballot.
  •  Missouri: SFLAction will record election day outcomes for 26 State House races and three State Senate seats.
  • Nebraska: The Pro-Life Generation has knocked on 6,696 doors, sent 26,612personal texts, and made 5,164 phone calls. We’ll be watching the results of 11 State Senate races in Nebraska.
  • New Hampshire: SFLAction will monitor 55 State House races and seven State Senate seats. In total, SFLAction knocked on 1,566 doors, sent 14,772 personal texts, and made 14,939 phone calls.
  • North Carolina: An astounding 4,152 doors were knocked and 16,015 personal texts were sent to North Carolina residents. SFLAction will monitor Six State House seats and another five State Senate seats in North Carolina.
  • North Dakota: One vital State House race will be closely watched by SFLAction.
  • Ohio: Nearly 4,400 doors and another 55,331 personal texts were sent as part of our #VoteProLifeFirst campaign. SFLAction also made 54,902 phone calls in the state as we wait for promising results in four State House races.

  • Pennsylvania: With 9,129 doors knocked and 27,556 personal texts sent, eight State House races will hopefully choose candidates who #VoteProLifeFirst. SFLAction also made nearly 50,000 phone calls to Pennsylvania voters.
  • South Dakota: Eight State House races and three State Senate seats are being closely watched by SFLAction who sent 18,979 personal text messages in the district.
  • Tennessee: We’re proud of pro-life students who sent 13,149 personal texts and made 14,548 phone calls to their peers in Tennessee as we monitor the outcome of one State House race.
  • Texas: Ten State House races and two State Senate seats will be watched by SFLAction who sent a total of 30,901 personal text messages in the district.
  • Washington: As the number grows, we have so far reached 983 doors and sent 3,742 personal texts. One State House and State Senate race will be closely monitored by SFLAction in Washington.
  • West Virginia: There have been 7,889 personal texts sent in West Virginia and SFLAction will monitor 10 State House races and three State Senate seats.
  • Wisconsin: One State House and State Senate race will be closely monitored by SFLAction who has sent 2,696 personal text messages to voters.
  • Wyoming: SFLAction has knocked on 1,206 doors, sent 2,516 personal text messages, and made 28,496 calls to remind voters to #VoteProLifeFirst. CLICK HERE to watch SFLAction’s primary recap video on Wyoming as we now await the results in six State House races and two State Senate seats.

Federal Races

SFLAction is monitoring results for 10 U.S. Senate seats and 14 U.S. House seats — these legislators can stop radical pro-abortionists from codifying Roe at the federal level.

  • Alaska: SFLAction will monitor the U.S. Senate race of Kelly Tshibaka and incumbent Lisa Murkowski. SFLAction has been mobilizing in Alaska to expose Murkowski’s pro-abortion agenda. CLICK HERE to read an article by Breitbart on our work.
  • Arizona: SFLAction will watch Blake Masters in the U.S. Senate race in Arizona as well as Eli Crane and Paul Gosar in two U.S. House races.
  • Indiana: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Jennifer Ruth-Green’s U.S. House race.
  • Illinois: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Keith Pekau’s U.S. House race.
  • Georgia: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Hershell Walker’s U.S. Senate race and Christopher West’s for U.S. House.
  • Iowa: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Zach Nunn’s U.S. House race.
  • Michigan: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Tom Barrett’s U.S. House race.
  • Minnesota: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Tyler Kistner’s U.S. House race.
  • Nevada: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Adam Lazalt’s U.S. House race.

  • New Hampshire: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Don Bolduc’s U.S. Senate race.
  • North Carolina: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Bo Hynes and Sandy Smith’s U.S. House races as well as Ted Budd’s bid for U.S. Senate.
  • Ohio: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of J.R. Majewski’s U.S. House race and J.D. Vance’s bid for Senate. CLICK HERE to watch our digital ad exposing Tim Ryan’s pro-abortion extremism.
  • Pennsylvania: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Jim Bognet’s U.S. House race and John Fetterman’s Senate race.
  • Virginia: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Yesli Vega’s U.S. House race.
  • Washington: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Tiffany Smiley’s U.S. Senate race.
  • Wisconsin: SFLAction will monitor the outcome of Ron Johnson’s U.S. Senate race.

Attorneys General & Governor Races

These races could mean the difference between blocking state laws on abortion in court or passing life-saving legislation.

  • Kansas: Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s track record on abortion shows career-long support. As FiveThirtyEight reports: “At a recent debate, her Republican opponent, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, needled Kelly about her support for abortion rights, saying that Kelly didn’t support any limits on when abortion should be legal. Kelly responded with the equivalent of a shrug.”

SFLAction is additionally monitoring Governor races in Florida, South Dakota, Arizona, and Georgia. Recently, SFLAction debated Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams over her wildly inaccurate and pro-abortion rhetoric. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

With countless lawsuits underway in response to life-saving laws taking effect since Dobbs, more than ten attorneys general and local races have become too important to overlook. SFLAction will closely watch Attorneys General races as well as Montana Supreme Court nominee James Brown and Chuck Gray for Secretary of State in Wyoming.

Five Ballot Referendums on Abortion

After battling it out for the Value Them Both Amendment in Kansas, SFLAction knew it had to be engaged in California, Kentucky, Montana, Michigan, and Vermont to combat the abortion lobby’s attacks against state legislation that protects the preborn.

  • California: SFLAction student leaders have been educating voters that Proposition 1 would enshrine ‘abortion rights’ in the state constitution and how opposing this measure would ensure direct abortions are NOT a ‘fundamental right.’

  • Kentucky: Partnered with Yes for Life, SFLAction student leaders have been informing residents that a YES vote on Amendment 2 would protect the preborn from direct abortions in Kentucky and ensure there are no false interpretations of the state constitution. CLICK HERE to read about SFLAction’s canvassers in Kentucky in a recent Politico article.
  • Montana: Partnered with the Abortion Survivors Network, SFLAction has been educating Montana residents that a YES vote on Legislative Referendum 131 would adopt the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. CLICK HERE to watch a video on LR 131 from an abortion survivor.
  • Vermont: SFLAction student leaders have has been spreading the message that a NO vote on Article 22 would prevent Vermont’s state Constitution from endorsing abortion as state law and help protect women and children from the predatory abortion industry.
  • Michigan: Working with state coalition partners, SFLAction students leaders have been informing Michiganders that a NO vote on ‘Reproductive Freedom for All’ would mean preborn babies cannot be directly aborted and Michigan’s 1931 law should be upheld. CLICK HERE to read about SFLAction’s Michigan canvassing in Politico and HERE to learn more about our work as covered by TIME.

As noted by The Washington Post, SFLAction is “one of the largest antiabortion organizations in the country,” and has long been preparing legislatively for a Post-Roe America. Fox News recognizes SFLAction “has already been pushing state legislatures” and our growing influence has even reached pro-abortion leader Mary Ziegler who noted the power of our mobilization in The Atlantic. Read more about SFLAction’s Post-Roe Blueprint HERE or read Hawkins’ latest op-ed at The Daily Wire titled “My Fear of Who’s Running the Country Dwarfs My Deep Concern Over Abortion.”

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Students for Life Action (SFLAction), a 501c4, along with its 501c3 sister organization, Students for Life of America (SFLA), make up the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization and a political and policy operation engaging people of all ages. Together they work to end abortion — the human rights issue of our day — and provide political, legal, and community support for women and their children, born and preborn. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, SFLA has more than 1,300 groups on middle, high school, college, university, medical, and law school campuses in all 50 states. SFLA creates strategy, policy, and programming to connect those most targeted for abortion with people ready to help and builds a framework for political engagement on their behalf. SFLA and SFLAction have more conversations with those most targeted by the abortion industry than any other pro-life outreach in the world, reaching more than 2 million people across social media platforms each week and engaging in approximately 100,000 digital conversations per month. Over more than 16 years, President Kristan Hawkins has grown SFLAction/SFLA into an $18 million organization preparing for a Post-Roe America.