September 25, 2023

SFLAction’s Third Political Workshop at Franciscan University Helps Ohio Students Gear Up to Bring Out Pro-Life Vote

Guest post by SFLAction National Activist Coordinator Titus Folks

GUEST POST: With the Ohio Ballot Initiative coming soon in November, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has been mobilizing student groups across the Buckeye State. We are recruiting Ohian students to be campus coordinators and social media ambassadors, as well as connecting students to phone call campaigns and canvassing trips. 

One of SFLAction’s latest stops was at Franciscan University for a workshop on how to engage in pro-life politics, with a focus on stopping Referendum 1.  

The day started out with a tangible reminder of why we do this work as that morning, the Franciscan Students for Life of America (SFLA) group went to pray outside a Pittsburgh abortion facility. Many students woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get there and pray for the women and their preborn babies going inside.  



(To learn more about Referendum 1, click HERE to read another blog entitled “Ohio Preborn Lives Are on the Ballot in November; This is How SFLAction is Working to Protect Them.”) 

The students also prayed for a woman one of their members, Pamela, met that day. The woman had been abandoned by her husband and had five children already who were living across multiple countries. She was overwhelmed — but Pamela was able to share her own family’s immigration story as example that the woman could make it. She gave her life-affirming resources in the area and offered her group’s support. Part of that support is their ongoing prayers for her to choose life.  

(To learn more about how the pro-life movement supports women and their families, check out SFLA’s supportive services initiative Standing With You.) 

After spending time at the facility, the group joined others from their campus and Cleveland State University for SFLAction’s third political workshop in Ohio, which covered everything an Ohioan pro-life activist needs from fetal development to legislative tactics to mobilization opportunities this fall. 

These students are now prepared to make sure Franciscan University shows up and votes for LIFE this fall at the ballot box.  


SFLAction National Activist Coordinator Titus Folks


The next big event for them? 

SFLAction and SFLA President Kristan Hawkins will be coming to their campus to table alongside the group on October 2, 2023. While she’s there, SFLAction team members and students will be working to make sure pro-life voters are registered and reminded of the importance of the election this fall.  

If you’re an Ohio student who would like to become more involved and get out the pro-life vote before November, you can sign up to become a Campus Coordinator or Social Media Captain with SFLAction. Just CLICK HERE to apply.