June 6, 2023

Students for Life Action to Deliver Nearly 4,000 Signed Petitions to House Leadership, Calling for the End of Deadly Chemical Abortion Pills

“Chemical Abortion Pills are the number one method of death by abortion today, which makes stopping its dangerous distribution a priority for the pro-life generation. Those peddling deadly pills tell media they are willing to break state laws and cross state boundaries to distribute life-ending drugs, while abortion advocates push the pills on college campuses and in pharmacies. Such a widespread crisis requires Congressional attention, as abortion policy is clearly federal,” said Savanna Deretich, SFLAction Government Affairs Coordinator.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (06-06-2023) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) staff and volunteers will meet with House leaders today on Capitol Hill to thank them for defending life in law and urge them to act swiftly against the Online, No Test Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills (or RU-486) recklessly deemed “safe” by the Biden Administration.  SFLAction will meet with Members or staff for the offices of Rep. Michelle Fischbach (MN-07), Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Gary Palmer (AL-6), Leader Steve Scalise, and Majority Whip Tom Emmer.

The Millennial and Gen Z pro-life group will be delivering nearly 4,000 signed petitions collected across the nation to call for an end to the most common method of abortion. In remembrance of the 670 preborn lives that Chemical Abortion Pills end daily, SFLAction’s letter notes:

“[Chemical Abortion] is extremely dangerous for women who may be taking these drugs alone or forced to by their abusers. In addition, it can bypass state laws against abortion, which strips citizens of a meaningful vote on the issue of abortion.

“Chemical Abortion drugs are dangerous and should at least require a physician’s prescription. Having them available online puts women at risk. Nearly 30 women, that we know of, have died after taking the Chemical Abortion Pills.”

While commonsense legislation has been passed the House this Congress to protect the preborn who survive attempted abortions, SFLAction hopes that the federal government will continue to address abortion – and those who stand to gain a profit such as Planned Parenthood – and the deadly distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills making their way across state lines, onto college campuses, and into women’s hands without the full facts.

SFLAction and Students for Life of America have been examining the ways in which Chemical Abortion Pills also impact wildlife and the environment. Read more at our analysis entitled ‘Thank you PolitiFact for Making Our Case About the Potential Harms of Chemical Abortion Pills to America’s Water Safety.’

To learn more about abortion as a federal issue, click here for Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins’ letter to Congress. 

To read in Newsweek Hawkin’s op-ed — along with the state legislators — on the dangers of pathological waste in drinking water, click Stop Dumping Abortion Medical Waste.

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