November 15, 2023

The “Good” Way to Win Elections on Life


Sometimes, simple and straight to the point is the best messaging on life, and words of wisdom from Virginia Representative Bob Good recently made that point. At an event at the Heritage Foundation, Good noted that, despite the mainstream media’s narrative to the contrary, the pro-life worldview didn’t lose in Virginia in the 2023 elections. 

 According to Rep. Good: 

 “We’ve got to be like the Democrats on abortion. Then maybe we can win elections. I would argue what’s the point of winning elections if you’re not going to fight for life?”

In the week since the election, we have written extensively on how the Republican Party needs recognize that moderate, half-measured positions on abortion don’t win elections. The 15-week compromise, which was expected to be a winner, hasn’t materialized as that. It’s clear that a stronger, more conservative pro-life position will be more desirable to the Republican voting base.  

In fact, Ohio exit polling conducted by Students for Life Action showed that: 

  • More than half of those who supported Issue 1 did not do so to allow abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.  
  • One in three voted for the measure to allow for abortion in certain cases (such as rape.) 
  • About 4% prioritized “minors’ rights,” as they did not support parental involvement. 
  • 15% said “something else” motivated their vote. 
  • Almost 9 in 10 (85%) of those who voted “No” on Issue 1prioritized limiting abortion through all 9 months. 
  • A small minority, roughly 8%, valued “parental rights”, for either abortions or transgender surgery, as their main motivation when voting No on Issue 1.

Indeed, many pro-life candidates in Virginia won their races. Rep. Good’s point speaks to a truth that many miss (especially those among Biden’s Favorite Republicans): Republicans want to vote for strong pro-life positions. They need a compelling reason to show up — so why don’t our GOP politicians stand firm for life and give them one? 

We hope this “Good” trend will catch on – who knows, we may just win a few elections.