March 1, 2024

The Late Term Abortion Lie Gets Masterfully CALLED OUT During Heated Senate Hearing


A frequent question Students for Life Action (SFLAction) asks to force pro-abortion extremists to own their heinous positions is, “What limits on abortion they would support?” Another way to ask it, as Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said recently during a Senate hearing, is to ask, “Do you support abortion up until the moment of birth?” 

The responses went pretty much as you’d expect from the pro-abortion apologists. Below is the transcript of the exchange. 

Sen. Kennedy: “If the mother is healthy and the baby is healthy, do you support abortion up to the moment of birth?” 

Prof. Caitlin Myers, Middlebury College: “You know I think that’s — uh… that’s a hard question to answer because that just doesn’t happen. You’re asking me about something that doesn’t happen.” 

Sen. Kennedy: “Well it’s legal in Vermont, New Jersey, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. And the Democrat Party supports abortion up until the moment of birth. So do you support that or oppose it?” 

Prof. Myers: “I am here to talk about the economics –“ 

Sen. Kennedy: “You are here as an expert – ” 

Prof. Myers: “But I will tell you as a person, I have ambivalence about abortion. As a person, I’ve never had an abortion. As a person, looking at the evidence around me and understanding how complex the decisions are people face – I am just uncomfortable thinking there is a simple answer that applies to everyone. I trust women and their health care providers.” 

Sen. Kennedy: “It’s real simple – you either support abortion for a healthy mother up until the moment of birth or you don’t. And I don’t think it’s a difficult question.”

Senator Kennedy would go on to question the other witnesses in this masterclass on how to call out the naked barbarism of the pro-abortion wing of the Democrat Party. They were all very hesitant to admit what we know is true: that abortion is the ending of a human life. 

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Of course, Myers’ statement that late-term abortions don’t happen is categorically false. There are numerous documented instances of the proof of late-term abortions.  SFLAction wrote on this exact topic:  

“In 2020, the CDC reported that more than 9 in 10 abortions (93.1%) take place by three months of pregnancy (12 weeks). That leaves almost 7% (6.9 to be exact), taking place later and late in pregnancy. Of that, 5.8% of abortions end lives from 14 to 20 weeks (5 months), leaving more than one percent (1.1%) in the last months of pregnancy.  

Again, using the CDC numbers, where they claimed 620,327 took place, that means, conservatively, almost 3,600 babies face later-term abortions with 682 babies poised to be able to live outside the womb at risk of infanticide, if they survive a botched abortion.” 


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And Sen. Kennedy was also absolutely correct – numerous US states do allow unlimited abortion, making it some of the most radical abortion laws in the Western world. Many others allow it up until viability or even slightly after. Meanwhile, many European nations restrict abortion after 12 weeks, with only a few going beyond that point. 

What’s also interesting is that the pro-abortion extremism of the Democrat Party is isolating America’s largest voting bloc: the youth vote. According to our most recent survey of the youth vote, conducted by Students for Life of America (SFLA) & the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement (IPA), we found : 

  • More than 9 in 10 supported offering care to an infant who survives a botched abortion – 72% supported emergency measures including calling 911 with 19% desiring care, not including 911.  
  • Mirroring the same level of radical support as for the Democratic Party’s abortion views, only 9% picked: “Nothing should be done since the mother was trying to have an abortion done.”  
  • Half of respondents said abortion should be restricted to either in the first trimester or at 4 months (15 weeks). 
  • 4 in 10 (40%) wanted to support political candidates who support abortion limits with 16% wanting to support someone fighting “strongly in favor of abortion restriction.” 

SFLAction and our sister organization, Students for Life of America, proudly believe Life at Conception is the Pro-Science Position. The American College of Pediatricians has said in no uncertain terms that: “human life begins at conception—fertilization.  At fertilization, the human being emerges as a whole, genetically distinct, individuated zygotic living human organism, a member of the species Homo sapiens, needing only the proper environment in order to grow and develop.”  


This is an indisputable, scientific reality. And we’re pleased to see fighters like Sen. Kennedy putting so-called “scientific experts” on the hot seat. We need to see more of it.