September 20, 2023

The Man Who Isn’t Running for President IS Running His Mouth About Abortion Limits (Or a Lack Thereof)


The sentient smirking hairdo that Governs the Peoples Republic of California, who is totally not running for President of the United States (even though he’s done several things that would suggest otherwise), continued his campaign for not President by addressing what will absolutely be an election issue in 2024: abortion limits. Or rather, the lack of limits in some states.  

During a recent interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Governor Gavin Newsom called the issue a “political canard:” 

Bash: “Another issue is abortion. You have probably heard more and more Republicans, including Donald Trump, who, just over the weekend, accused Democrats of supporting abortion rights up to and after birth. Can you be clear about –.” 

Newsom: “What does that mean, after birth? Abortion after birth? It’s made up. It’s a political –.” 

Bash: “Well, can you just be clear about what limits on abortion should be?” 

Newsom: “It’s a political thing. People are not seeking abortion at the end of the cycle –.” 

Bash: “What is the policy? What should it be?” 

Newsom: “The policy, it’s not up to Donald Trump or me. It’s up to you, to women, that have to bear that responsibility uniquely and distinctively. And the reality is, it’s a canard. It’s a political frame. It’s total B.S., and it’s exactly where they need to go because they know they’ve gone too far on the other side –.” 

As Students for Life Action has covered in previous blogs, the Democrats’ continued position that there are no limits on abortions in America and that they don’t support limitless abortion, is a lie. A total falsehood. Pants on fire nonsense.

In fact, six states and Washington D.C. operate facilities that commit abortions as late as nine monthsGov. Newsom refusing to specify where the limits should be is nothing new and former White House news puppet Jen Psaki pulled the same nonsense a few weeks back. 

When the Democrats are not spreading falsehoods about whether late term abortions occur, they’re saying it actually does exist, but only a very small amount of people get late term abortions: only 1 percent. But “only one percent” of abortions conducted is still over 10,000 preborn deaths 

The argument to justify this, as presented by Newsom, is that it’s a matter of “freedom”: 

This is where they need to go in order to get out of the mess they’ve created, because they don’t believe in fundamental choice and freedom for women. They don’t, period, full stop.  

The preborn don’t get any freedoms in an abortion – they don’t live long enough to see the American promise of (literally) “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Their choice is stripped from them before they’re able to see the light of day. 

For all of Newsom’s talk about not running for President, he sure sounds like the Biden administration and their views on abortion: without apology, without restriction.  

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